Adolix Releases eCover Engineer 5.5, the Latest Version of Their Cover Generating Software

Adolix has just announced the release of eCover Engineer 5.5. The program allows users to generate cover designs for everything from eBooks to pizza boxes.

Springfield, MO, June 03, 2008 --( Adolix software has just announced the newest release of their popular eCover Engineer software. eCover Engineer allows users to create covers for virtually anything in need of a design. From eBooks, to a software box, magazine cover, or pizza boxes, eCover Engineer has become a staple of the design community.

The relatively small program (only 5.5 MB) comes packed with a number of features usually found in programs tens times larger. A few of the benefits and features of eCover Engineer 5.5 include:

-Create covers for standard box, e-book, thin box, wide box, custom box, spiral notebook, wide spiral notebook, boxes with 2 books, Boxes with 3 books, Boxes with 4 books, magazines.
-Design ebook covers, CD covers and DVD covers.
-Benefit from real-time 3D Editing and Rendering.
-Take advantage high image quality. Export your work as BMP, JPG or PNG.
-Import and use for your work a wide variety of picture files like BMP, JPG files, PSD files and almost any type of image.
-Resize the width, height and depth of the Cover. Create custom shape boxes.
-Rotate, roll and resize the designed object.
-See your work from any angle. Use camera rotation / movement options. You can rotate the camera along its X, Y and Z axis relative to the center of the Cover.
-Change light color.
-Use shadow effect and see your work reflected.
-Specify floor's texture and background color.
-Save your work as templates so you can reuse it later.
-Send templates and output images by email.
-Use award winning graphics editor Paint.NET to modify our templates or design new images for your products.

“We're confident that users will love version 5.5,” said spokesperson Florin Cornianu. “And because we want to make sure users know exactly what they're getting, we're offering a free 15 day trial to everyone. This gives users plenty of time to evaluate the software and decide if it's something they would benefit from using.”

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Florin Cornianu