Astral Blood

A relatively new approach to the age old vampire tale. Astral Blood brings an element of the spiritual to the dark side of vampires. Horror and Scifi Fantasy book readers will be able to purchase or download the new volume.

St. Louis, MO, June 03, 2008 --( William Robinson who has written and released the new book Astral Blood, has placed it on, for either paperback sales or as a download. He is hopeful that a new breed of vampire can emerge from the shadows and pages of imagination to fill a need for a more accurate scope of the different types of vampires. Horror and Sci Fi Fantasy books have but touched on the subject and is felt that more be given to the pursuit. Although his work is purely fiction it is anticipated with a healthy imagination not all vampire books will be about blood drinkers. The book Astral Blood is just such a book. Astral Blood is based around the concept that there are those who can seemingly drain the life energy from others in which they are termed vampire for having done so. Whether Astral Blood is fact or fiction is determined by readers own imagination.

William Robinson