Meet dbForge Edge - Brand New Multidatabase Solution by Devart

Devart has released a new multidatabase solution in the dbForge product line - dbForge Edge. The solution includes four database IDEs that cover a wide range of tasks across multiple database management systems.

Prague, Czech Republic, March 30, 2023 --( Devart, one of the leading developers of database management software, ALM solutions, and data providers for the most popular database servers, has rolled out a brand new product - dbForge Edge, a professional solution for the development and management of SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases.

The new product includes the following key feature groups that can run on different database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Redshift:

Database design: –°reation of entity-relationship diagrams for the visualization of database structures and logical relationships between tables.

SQL coding assistance: –°ontext-sensitive object and keyword suggestions, intelligent phrase completion, instant syntax validation, highly customizable formatting, and refactoring with auto-correction of references.

Visual query building: Coding-free visualization of queries and subqueries and visual editing of JOIN and WHERE conditions.

Query profiling: Visualization of query execution plans, detection of bottlenecks in query performance, comparison of differences in query profiling results, and optimization of slow queries.

Database comparison & synchronization: Comparison and synchronization of schemas and table data using automatically generated sync scripts.

Data management: Visual data editor, data import and export in 10+ most popular formats, generation of realistic test data.

Data analysis: Master-detail browser, pivot tables, customizable data reports

Database administration: Management of user accounts with privileges and permissions, server session management, events tracking, table maintenance, and index defragmentation.

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