Pro Football Legend and World Champion Puts a Face on Protecting Brain Cells and Fighting the Diseases of Aging

Madison, WI, June 04, 2008 --( Until recently the best thing to protect a football player’s head was his helmet. But recently, with the growing popularity of a new product called Prevagen™ (, there is an option to help protect the brain off the field also.

Given the commonality between hard hits on the football field and the aging process it is understandable that many retired professional athletes are now protecting their brains past the days when they donned helmets for glory. One such athlete is Santana Dotson, former Green Bay Packer that played for 10 years in the NFL. Seeking to preserve optimal brain health, Dotson started taking Prevagen in the fall of 2007, and recently has signed on as a spokesperson for the product, lending both his name and story to help others see a new way to fight the aging process and keep brain cells alive.

There are about 6 million Americans currently afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and that number continues to increase rapidly as the population in the United States continues to age.

"While playing 10 years in the National Football League I went to great lengths to take care of my body and make sure I could always give it my all each and every Sunday,” said Dotson. “That type of care helped me win a Super Bowl and create some lasting memories. I am very excited to now be working with Prevagen to help take care of my body and mind."

Santana Dotson played in two Super Bowls for the Green Bay Packers including their World Championship season in 1996. Off the field, he is just as determined to be proactive in taking care of his mind and body while encouraging others to do the same. By utilizing the platform that his status allows, Santana is able to help share about the benefits of protecting the brain including members of his health clubs.

“This technology holds much promise for the baby boomers in general, not to mention ex-NFL players,” says Mark Underwood, President of Quincy Bioscience.

Success means far more to Santana than stellar statistics on the football field, it is also about bringing this same level of energy and enthusiasm to helping those around him. Already Santana has helped the lives of many through the Santana Dotson Foundation (, he is now able to help others through his example and encouragement in the fight against the cognitive effects of aging.

About Prevagen
Prevagen™ is a novel and patent-pending dietary supplement designed to fight aging. The only supplement from a jellyfish, Prevagen has demonstrated the ability to keep cells alive longer. Prevagen was developed by Quincy Bioscience in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Rooted in true biotechnology science Prevagen is the first supplement to fight the aging process through powerful molecules called calcium-binding proteins.

Calcium-binding proteins are found naturally all throughout the body. They are responsible for keeping cells healthy and for keeping the aging process at bay. They work by buffering ions that could cause cellular damage, age and even cell death. Unfortunately, over time we lose the ability to make these valuable, age-fighting proteins at the same rate we did when we were young. This explains the cognitive differences seen in the aging process.

In our younger years a healthy person is able to manage calcium due to an ample amount of this type of protein. Prevagen fights aging by protecting the cell from an unhealthy amount of intracellular calcium. As you age you need to replace these depleted proteins. Prevagen uses a safe and natural protein from jellyfish to assist with healthy aging.

Jellyfish are essentially a floating nervous system. One thing jellyfish are very good at is managing calcium within their bodies. What does a jellyfish have to do with human health? The answer is; jellyfish are loaded with protective, age-fighting proteins that are very similar to the proteins people lose as we age.

About Quincy Bioscience
Quincy Bioscience (, headquartered in the University Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin, is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel medicines to treat the diseases of aging. The company's products focus on alleviating the consequences of impaired calcium homeostasis - the imbalance of calcium ions commonly thought to be related to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Quincy Bioscience is set apart by its cutting-edge applications of the calcium-binding protein aequorin, which is breaking new ground in the fight against neuronal degeneration.

* The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For more information, contact Mark Underwood, President of Quincy Bioscience at or 608-233-2475.

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