NexLearn Releases SimWriter 3.0 to Promote Rapid Simulation Development

Wichita, KS, June 04, 2008 --( NexLearn today announced the release of SimWriter 3.0, the latest version of the company’s award-winning immersive learning simulation authoring tool. Enhanced SimWriter 3.0 allows anyone to rapidly produce customized, multimedia-rich simulations without the need to understand or enter programming code.

“SimWriter provides the functionality and flexibility for anyone—from instructional designers to trainers to human resources personnel and even subject matter experts—to develop simulation training specific to his or her company,” says Dennis Rees, NexLearn president. “And with the tool, one person can create a simulation in a fraction of the time it previously took an entire team of developers to complete using different development methods. SimWriter 3.0 propels the simulation development process to an entirely new level.”

More than 50 new enhancements extend SimWriter 3.0 capability and solidify its status as the most robust and versatile tool for authoring scenario-based simulations. New features now allow developers to use images as decision points; incorporate advanced scoring controls to report on specific learning objectives or to reset scoring on command; add and easily track memory points that affect learning outcomes and enhance simulation intelligence; create buttons and hyperlinks to launch multiple types of files; take advantage of the reformatted graphics palette for better control of simulation image layering and alignment; and use new media manager functionality for automatic file linking.

The popularity of simulations in the business world is an outgrowth of the gaming that young—and even not-so-young—professionals do in their leisure time. “Employees today have grown up with technology playing a prominent role in their everyday lives,” explains Rees. “It’s only natural that as the children of the “video game generation” age and become integral members of the working population, more organizations are turning to simulation-based learning to enhance employee training experiences.”

Greater Collaboration
SimWriter 3.0 makes it easier for organizations to actively participate in the development of their custom learning projects. Export and import functions promote greater collaboration between developers, subject matter experts and reviewers. To help clients and partners appreciate and experience the full potential of SimWriter 3.0, NexLearn offers four approaches to immersive learning simulation development:

• NexLearn Develops and Maintains
NexLearn has a full complement of custom development services for creating any type of e-Learning. Instructional designers, editorial and simulation developers, graphic artists, animators, audio/visual engineers, and software engineers develop learning projects from start to finish.

• NexLearn Develops, Client Maintains
For organizations that want ownership of their e-Learning content but don’t have the resources to create the project, NexLearn handles all development responsibilities. Then, with the help of SimWriter 3.0, clients have the technology to perform their own course maintenance, enhancements or upgrades at any time.

• NexLearn and Client Partner for Project Development
SimWriter 3.0 promotes greater collaboration between project developers—whether located internally or externally. Through the apprentice arrangement, NexLearn developers provide expert knowledge and guidance to assist client developers in the creation of custom projects.

• Client Develops and Maintains
SimWriter 3.0 is ideal for organizations that have the people and experience to create, maintain and upgrade customized simulation learning. With SimWriter technology, company leaders have greater control over training budgets and project timelines.

With SimWriter 3.0, learning professionals can incorporate a variety of media elements, including text, audio, video, graphs, photographs and animation to simulate engaging, real-world social experiences—the same interactions employees may encounter on a daily basis. “Successful learning involves presenting subject matter in a way that is both informative and engaging for users, while simultaneously accommodating all learning styles,” says Rees. “SimWriter 3.0 is the tool that allows training developers to effectively and efficiently achieve this goal.”

The SimWriter 3.0 sales model has options to meet a variety of company needs and budgets including a single seat corporate license, an unlimited developer license and arrangements for academic and government users.

Curt Renard