May We Embrace This Solstice of Michael Thomas’ Original Work, "The Last Generation"

When that guidance by our pilots of family and politics and business and religion have so often expended their candles of its wick, the wax of their light perishes in the darkness of self-interest. If, however, "The Last Generation" cannot uplift us to that light of this solstice, then what’s been misplaced anyway, other than a few coins into the ol’ slot machine?

May We Embrace This Solstice of Michael Thomas’ Original Work, "The Last Generation"
Fountain Valley, CA, June 21, 2023 --( An exceedingly simplistic description to an extremely complex work, but, hey, hunger necessitates that the author present a refection upon your plate. So, with that expectation for those idealistic childhood years to proceed forth in the same Manor, Seth’s path was altered by a bullet (of mental health) so forceful, that Mother was pressed to deliver Seth to a facility (Epidaurus) that will eventually extract the innocence of who he was, and can no longer be.

While at Epidaurus, Seth will become entangled to those residents (of multifarious peculiarities) with far more diverse bullets impeding their transitions into maturity than his own. Yet, they’ll assist Seth in that metamorphosis to whom he shall ultimately become, and what he must do: compose those reflections from that perspective of a suspended snowflake.

To all those bibliomaniacs who prefer to snuggle beside a freshened love after each sunset... hardbacks, paperbacks, e-formats, oh my... without a thoughtful regard to the preceding publication, kindly withdraw this legit lit from your little black book. For, "The Last Generation" deserves a commitment, a promise ring on one’s finger.

Absolutely, page-turning cannot be tolerated on planes. Nor waiting rooms. Rather, settle your attention to a tranquil nook... read a little... digest... read a little... digest...

It is recommended to engage your polyamorous biblio-lifeways to the author’s website, before vowing such fidelity.

Readers who wish to experience this memorable work can purchase “The Last Generation” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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