Opiah's Keyword Guardian Launches It Best Ever Brand Protection Tool for PPC Activity

London, United Kingdom, June 05, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The 5th May was a memorable day in the world of internet and Pay Per Click advertising: Brand bidding was allowed on certain search engines.

Is that a big deal? You bet it is. If clients have spent ££££’s on building their brand on the web, the last thing they want to happen is for others, be they affiliates, or competitors to bid on their keywords and benefit for the hard work, effort and money that has been spent in giving their brand the presence it has on the web today. The major search engines, in allowing brand bidding, has taken away any protection brands might have had in this space. Now more then ever the Client needs to know who is bidding on their keywords.

A change in policy by the major search engines has allowed Keyword Guardian to continue to go from strength to strength within the brand protection industry. The tool enables brand owners to monitor their brand and keyword phrases across the most popular search engines and enable them to see who else has been bidding on those keywords.

Simon Collins, Commercial Director of Cashcade the company behind www.FoxyBingo.com one of the largest bingo sites in the UK says ‘This tool is saving us a small fortune every month. We need to know who is bidding on our keywords. In the past it was a manual ad-hoc process and our affiliates knew that it was unlikely we would see their ads if they would run them outside office hours. Now Keyword Guardian monitors their activity 24/7! The savings are two-fold. The labour needed to manually search for keyword infringement, and also in controlling payouts to affiliates who are using our keywords in breach of our agreements with them. The tool pays itself many times over month by month and we couldn’t do without it anymore.’

Carl Davies, CEO of affiliate network company DGM UK also enthuses about Keyword Guardian. ‘As an affiliate network we have a responsibility to, and indeed our merchants demand that we protect their brands in the extremely active affiliate space. Keyword Guardian does this for us, and also gives us a clear advantage over our competitors. The products functionality and effectiveness are way ahead of anything else available today.’

David Minns, Director of Opiah says ‘It is extremely satisfying to be able to market a product that genuinely provides a service within the online advertising space. With the lack of control over trademarks and brands, coupled with the amounts of money being spent in the online space, companies want to have visibility of keyword activity on the web. With Keyword Guardian that visibility is now available.’

To learn more, visit the site at www.keywordguardian.com

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