Setcom Announces the Release of the “Syverson Says” Blog Blog offers insight on the police motorcycle officer experience.

Mountain View, CA, June 05, 2008 --( Setcom Corporation, an industry leader in communications systems and accessories for public safety vehicles, is announcing the release of Syverson Says ( a blog written by Setcom Vice President Jon Syverson about his experiences interacting with police motorcycle officers around the country. Setcom hopes to give people a more personal insight on police motorcycle officers and the lives they live.

According to Syverson, “Syverson Says will offer its readers personal insight and perspective regarding the many police motorcycle training, rodeo events and convention venues I am fortunate to attend each year.” Syverson Says will focus on police motorcycle rodeos in particular, since Syverson attends these events the most. “I intend to focus my efforts on communicating those ideas which may enrich the police motorcycle experience for officer and command staff alike.”

Much of the interaction between Syverson and police motorcycle officers occurs at police motorcycle training competitions. Police motorcycle officers participate in police motorcycle training competitions, or “rodeos,” throughout the year as a way to practice and improve on their motorcycle skills. Syverson attends police motorcycle rodeos around the country on behalf of Setcom and has been attending police motorcycle rodeos for many years.

In particular, Syverson would like readers to get a feel of the police motorcycle rodeo experience through his blog articles. “I realize that many members of the law enforcement community are unable to travel as far-and-wide as I do,” says Syverson. “Many of the articles I'll pen will be written from my personal perspective yet conceived in such a manner as to allow the reader the ability to envision the event as though they were standing on the sidelines.”

Syverson Says will also include other items of interest to those in the police motorcycle community, like recommendations on where to eat in the area around the police motorcycle rodeos and tips on how to set up a motor unit within a police department. There will also be articles of interest to all motorcycle enthusiasts, as well.

Setcom feels that Syverson is qualified to write about police motorcycle officers given his past experience. “After about 20 years of being involved in the field of law enforcement, while simultaneously also serving the product focused needs of this important community at Harley-Davidson, I have a unique perspective focused on sharing knowledge and adding value to the customer,” says Syverson.

“I’m excited about Jon writing this blog. Jon’s such an icon in the police motorcycle world that it will be great for people to read his thoughts and experiences about the unique career of being a police motorcycle officer and the internal training through which they go,” states Setcom President Jim Roberts.

About Setcom Corporation
Setcom ( is a privately held company which designs, manufactures, and sells communications systems and accessories for two-way radios. Setcom’s markets include police, fire, and the US military as well as certain industrial and commercial segments.

Founded in 1970, Setcom has been a pioneer in its markets for 38 years. The company is still a leader because it works with police motorcycle officers and fire fighters to develop the kind of innovative, tailor-made products professionals depend on. Public safety professionals in all fifty states, most major US cities, and more than twenty countries worldwide rely on Setcom.


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