GSE Technologies Unveils 5 Initiatives Under the Green Vision

Il-Fgura, Malta, May 10, 2023 --( GSE Technologies announces its five green initiatives under the Green Vision concept that embodies its dedication towards building a long-lasting operational and organisational framework in green, sustainable and eco-smart solutions.

The initiatives are:

-The Green Vision Summit & Expo (GVSE)

-Eco Village

-Green Talks

-Green Awards and

-Green Concert

Brought to life by two years of determined efforts in ameliorating the overexploitation of the ecosystem and ensuring accountability on individual and communal levels, GSE Technologies is leading a paradigm shift in the education of the public on sustainable living. This innovation means maximising the value that we provide for the public, stakeholders, clients, service providers, local communities, and employees.

“Today we unveil our five initiatives under the Green Vision strategy geared towards advancing our purpose and focus on educating, advocating, innovating and influencing behavioural change,” says Sabrina Agius, CEO of GSE Technologies.

“In March 2023, we announced the launch of GVSE, the first of the initiatives and a platform that is set to converge the best and brightest in the business and academic landscape across Europe to forge sustainable and innovative pathways towards a sustainably secure future.

“As we proceed to onboard each of these initiatives, our intention is to make meaningful change. What we promote at GSE Technologies is cooperation and not competition hence, we open our doors to partnerships from any business sector and governments from any part of the world because alone we make a good impact but together, we make a tremendous amount of change.”

The Green Vision is a mother lode of purposeful initiatives that reiterate GSE Technologies’ commitment to ensuring behavioural change and addressing the issue of accountability in human rights violations, environmental degradation, business approach, policies and individual lifestyles.

Each initiative which is a strategic step towards realising this globally shared vision has been built to accelerate the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals and deliver these impacts: behavioural change, practical skills, climate responsibility, positive influence and funding to the Maltese Islands and environs.

Visit the GSE Technologies website to learn more about the Green Vision initiatives.
GSE Technologies
Janie Ogeah
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager