Cyberslacking – Are You on the Ball?

Bloxx Encourages Organisations to Become More Diligent Over Staff Internet Use During This Summer’s Sporting Season.

Livingston, United Kingdom, June 06, 2008 --( With a massive sporting summer season ahead, Bloxx, the enterprise web filtering specialist, has reiterated the need for businesses to regulate the types of web sites employees can visit during working hours. Bloxx reports that non-work related online activity in the office around high profile sporting events such as June’s Euro 2008, the Beijing Olympics and the ever-popular Wimbledon is likely to increase, could cost UK business up to £750[1] per employee in additional lost productivity this summer.

Working on an average of just 100 employees spending an additional hour, surfing sporting themed sites during the working week and using the national average hourly wage of £12.50[2], Bloxx estimates that a business could stand to lose £75,000 during the summer period in lost productivity. To address this, businesses need to be proactive before the sporting season kicks off and ensure that they have a comprehensive and up-to-date Internet Usage Policy in place.

“The temptation for staff to spend an inordinate amount of time on sports sites during working hours is all the more alluring with this summer’s sport-fuelled schedule,” comments Bloxx Managing Director, Eamonn Doyle. “We are seeing more and more businesses realising that resources are being wasted by workers excessively surfing non-work related sites. By limiting such activity to lunchtime and breaks, workers gain a better work-life balance and the company can rest assured that their employees aren’t abusing the Internet facilities made available to them.”

“It is well known that social Internet usage at work serves as a source of distraction for employees and misuse of the resource can lead to significant productivity losses as well as posing potential threats to network and information security,” explains Butler Group Senior Analyst, Andy Kellett. “Therefore, organisations have a need to implement solutions that enable employees to adhere to acceptable Internet usage policies and at the same time provide the ability to enhance productivity and reduce risk during normal valid Web usage.”

Bloxx offers businesses and educational organisations a third-generation web filter using Tru-View Technology, which uses analytical and contextual analysis to perform real-time URL categorisation and filtering. This method complements traditional web filtering techniques such as URL databases and keyword scanning, to ensure that organisations can more effectively manage and regulate Internet access.

About Bloxx Tru-View Technology
Bloxx Tru-View Technology uses internationally patented technology to analyse and block web sites quicker and more accurately than other web filters, which use manual URL classification and keyword scoring alone.

Using intelligent identification and analysis, Tru-View Technology provides instant classification of web content as soon as it is accessed, even if the content has not been seen by anyone before.

Bloxx Tru-View Technology helps organisations proactively manage users’ access to web content which might lower productivity, expose the organisation to risk and liability or pose a network security threat.

An estimated 1 million + users already benefit from enhanced security and performance with low administration and no cost per user charges. Additional protection is provided via anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing functionality.

About Bloxx
Headquartered in the UK with sales offices in Holland, the USA and Australia, Bloxx offers appliance-based web filtering for medium and large organisations in both the business and public sectors. Leading UK investment groups such as Braveheart Investment Group Plc and Archangel Investments Ltd. have invested in Bloxx. For more information please visit:

[1] - Calculation made using the Bloxx cost-calculator –

[2] - Office of National Statistics, Labour market Review 2006

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