ModWash Car Wash: Another Positive Ripple to Hit Washington, PA

ModWash Car Wash: Another Positive Ripple to Hit Washington, PA
Washington, PA, May 11, 2023 --( The brand-new ModWash in Washington will have an infectious energy and feature a wide range of cutting-edge facilities and technologies. With every car wash, ModWash offers free vacuums, air tools, automatic mat cleaners, microfiber towels, and their famous ModAir™ freshener. Their main objective is to give exceptional customer service and provide a welcoming environment in which you can relax and take care of your car or truck. Time is a rare commodity these days and the time-saving amenities offered by their express car wash are perfect for a busy lifestyle. Guests have the option of purchasing a single wash or a ModMembership, which entitles them to an infinite number of washes each month.

ModWash is dedicated to preserving the environment through its use of biodegradable cleaning agents and cutting-edge machinery that carefully monitors water consumption. Traditional car wash methods, such as those found at home or in spray wash facilities can consume up to 120 gallons of water. However, ModWash utilizes innovative filtration techniques, along with efficient cleaning and water recycling systems, to significantly reduce the amount of water used per car wash. ModWash limits its water usage to a mere 30 gallons per wash, and employs a chemical reclamation system that captures harmful pollutants and stores them until they can be disposed of in a responsible manner.

ModWash's goal is to start a positive ripple, a wave of good vibes that sweeps the nation. That mission is what the ModDrop signifies. In every town they set foot in, the vibrant colors, friendly culture, and first-rate service have a positive impact that ripples outward and spreads to the local community.

Not only do local communities benefit from the positive ripple effect, ModWash team members also gain from it. ModWash is committed to providing possibilities for promotion in order to support the success of their team. By funding career and life skills training, offering a career path, and a professional development program, ModWash invests in its family. With the help of this program, staff members have the chance to advance into management, district, and regional positions or even the company's headquarters in Downtown Chattanooga.
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