ModWash Makes a Ripple in Butler, PA

ModWash Makes a Ripple in Butler, PA
Butler, PA, May 11, 2023 --( The upcoming ModWash location in Butler is set to exude a vibrant ambiance, coupled with a vast array of state-of-the-art amenities. Clients are treated to a complimentary assortment of top-quality equipment, including vacuum cleaners, air tools, automatic mat cleaners, and microfiber towels, alongside the renowned ModAir™ freshener, every time they utilize the car wash service. The primary goal at ModWash is to provide unrivaled customer satisfaction while fostering a positive atmosphere that encourages clients to relax while their vehicles get pampered. The express car wash system at ModWash is designed for optimal efficiency, saving time, and ensuring minimal waiting in line. Guests can choose between a single wash or the ModMembership package, which allows for unlimited washes each month.

ModWash is committed to preserving the environment by using advanced water management technology and cleaning products that are biodegradable. When washing at home or at a spray wash, 120 gallons or more can be used. ModWash uses cutting-edge filtering, cleaning, and water recycling technology to cut down on the quantity of water consumed per vehicle. Each wash only requires 30 gallons. Moreover, a chemical reclamation system is used to capture and hold contaminants like oil and motor fuel until they can be appropriately disposed of.

The mission of ModWash is to create a positive ripple that flows outward from every wash location. That is what the ModDrop signifies. The brilliant colors of the ModAir™, the building signage, and uniforms, along with the fun, kind culture and exceptional service create a positive ripple in every community they set foot in.

ModWash prides itself on promoting a positive ripple effect within the local community and among its team members. The company is dedicated to providing ample opportunities for career advancement, supporting the success of its staff in the long term. ModWash invests in its team members by providing funding for career and life skills training, offering a structured career path, and an extensive professional development program. This commitment to growth and development allows staff members to advance into management, district, and regional positions, or even the company's headquarters located in Downtown Chattanooga.
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