Independent Hip Hop Artist Develops a Revolutionary Concept for Marketing Himself

Hip hop artist Drizzy D.R.O has developed a new viral marketing technique that has successfully reached tens of thousands of fans in over 35 states and two countries.

Birmingham, AL, June 06, 2008 --( Birmingham based hip hop artist Derek “Drizzy D.R.O” Davis has developed a revolutionary concept for marketing himself as an artist by creating the “Press/Play Hotline.” Started in 2006, using only a cell phone and word-of-mouth viral promotion, the “Press/Play Hotline” has reached upwards of 50,000 fans in over 35 states and 3 countries. Drizzy allows fans to call his personal cell phone and request a random freestyle on any subject. "Honestly it started as a joke, but before I knew it everyone was talking about it.“

Drizzy, knowing that his talent for freestyle rapping was far above average, decided that he would use this amazing ability to get his foot in the door of the music industry. “I knew when I started rapping that the odds of making it in the industry were slim…even with incredible talent. I just couldn’t shake my love for the music…It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.” Drizzy started the hotline by sending his friends text messages asking them to call him anytime 24/7 for a random freestyle on any subject. “They forwarded it to their friends, who forwarded it to their friends, who told somebody else about it…before I knew it I was getting new area codes daily.” Drizzy tracks the progress of his viral campaign with his trusty white pages. “Page 11” he says, “all the national area codes are listed there, and I check it each time I get a new one.” “It’s a good feeling when I hit a new state.”

Currently the “Press/Play Hotline” is free of charge, and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. “I try to answer as many as I can. I work and I have to sleep sometimes, but I try to get to as many as I can.” “If you don’t get me…leave a message. I put them on my mixtapes as drops.” Drizzy uses the internet and text messaging to further connect with his fans. Most of the calls are videotaped and the best of the week are put up on his own site as well as At the end of the day,"Da Drizzle's" intentions are clear, "I'm an artist. I'm not trying to play to the game, I'm trying to change it!"

The Press/Play Hotline: 205-617-9166

About Alien8 Entertainment:
Alien8 is an independent record label/ management-consulting firm started in 2007 by Derek “Drizzy D.R.O” Davis and his business partners Marcus Turner, Jay Sanders and Allen Watkins.

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