New Home Decor Company SEOVENE Brings Made to Order Luxury to the Masses Using an Eco-Friendly Business Model

Charlottesville, VA, May 19, 2023 --( From the indoors to the outdoors we are constantly surrounded by beauty and nature's designs. At SEOVENE, they are always creating patterns and design compositions to brighten your day and compliment the natural beauty of our world. “Feed your spirit with SEOVENE and make yourself smile each of the seven days of the week,” is one of their mantras.

SEOVENE (se-OH-ven-E), a new home decor and lifestyle brand founded in 2023 by owner and designer Ferdinand Ocasio Tomlin, is bringing back bold patterns and a nostalgic flair to home furnishings with their hand-drawn patterns and design compositions that compliment any decor style. SEOVENE’s products are responsibly sourced and handcrafted to order using more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes which minimize waste and the impact on the environment.

Ferdinand Ocasio Tomlin, President and Creative Director of SEOVENE is inspired by the world around us. “Elements of nature, textures, colors, smells, sounds, geometry and architecture all go into the creation of the hand drawn or captured forms that create our patterns. Our design compositions can be abstract, or a collage of art, pattern and color. All of our collections tell a story,” says Ocasio Tomlin.

SEOVENE currently specializes in wallpaper, rugs, pillows, light furniture, dining linens, glassware and a small collection of serve-ware and miscellaneous home decor items. The product offerings are expanding daily.

The patterns go from simple to complex and the designs can be abstract or a mixture of patterns and designs or even compositions that include figurative elements.

As a home company, SEOVENE cares about sustainability and creates eco friendly products. Most products are handmade to order in their production facility in London, England by skilled artisans.

“We chose for most of our production to take place in the United Kingdom because our production team pays living wages for their skilled professional employees. Each item is made on demand making them much more eco friendly. Making items to order avoids wasteful production and warehouses of unsold items. Since we have literally hundreds of patterns and designs (and more being created everyday), we don’t make anything unless we know that someone wants it.” says Keith Tomlin, SEOVENE’s CEO. “Further, each item is made using the utmost quality materials and craftsmanship and hand created for each order and is designed to last a very long time.”

Having most all of the production take place in London, under one roof, avoids many pitfalls of what could be a complicated supply chain. Fabric printing doesn’t require shipping to the sewing department, then back to Virginia for fulfillment to the customer. Everything is streamlined and directly walked from one step to the next. “We literally know who prints/dyes and sews our linens, builds our furniture or prints our wallpaper or handcrafts our serve-ware ” says Tomlin. “We deliberately do not want to find the cheapest way of making our products, we want to offer the best products available and feel good about where our products come from.”

Despite most items all being made to order, because of the streamlined production, items typically reach the customer within 5-10 days after the order has been placed.

SEOVENE is a United States based Latin/Hispanic Owned and Founded Company. Their products are designed in the United States and handcrafted in the United Kingdom and the United States. SEOVENE products are exclusively sold on line at
Keith Tomlin