New Water Conservation Device to Help Beat Hose Pipe Bans

The average family of four, using an old fashioned single flush toilet, wastes over 40,000 litres of water a year. Buying a new dual flush toilet costs over £100, but the new Water Conserving Toilet Converter from upgrades the existing toilet for under £15.

Evesham, United Kingdom, April 06, 2006 --( With hose pipe bans now in force across much of the South of England and more water restrictions threatened, the issue of water conservation is more important than ever.

An old fashioned toilet with a handle mechanism can use up to 12 litres of water every flush. A more modern dual flush toilet uses just 3 litres for liquid waste and 6 litres for solid waste. Over a year every person using an old style toilet can waste 10,950 litres of water.

Replacing an older toilet can be expensive, with even the most basic units costing over £100.

However, a new "Water Saving Toilet Converter" launched today by plumbing and bathroom online retailer allows an existing toilet to be upgraded into a water efficient, dual flush system for under £15.

The simple to fit device, replaces the handle on the front of the toilet with a twin button arrangement. This allows the user to select either a light or a more powerful flush.

Inside the cistern the buttons connect to a flush regulator that restricts the water used to 3 or 6 litres as would be the case with a modern toilet.

This quick and simple water saving device can be found here:

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