Author Publishes His First Novel, a Third and Quite Different Effort from His Previous Works

Apollo Beach, FL, June 06, 2008 --( Author Paul H. Peck has presented to the literary world his third work and first novel and is publishing it on, the online marketplace.

Mr. Peck has seized the opportunity to use his scientific acuity, martial arts experience and sharp imagination in writing his 290-page sci-fi novel “The Millennium Convocation”.

Colin Wilson, in his book, “The Philosopher’s Stone”, said Man is the satellite of a double star. Does Mr. Peck’s novel flirt with that hidden star. Or is it just a technological wonder that time is stoppable. We are living in an age when individuals are realizing there is simply more to reality then meets the eye.
Mr. Peck is a great example of the type of author that is often encounter on – he has not only been creative with what he has written but also with how he has written it.

Mr. Peck introduced his book with the following synopsis –
The world is on the precipice of a new age for mankind. A project, the Millennium project, is to seed the earth with a DNA injecting virus to alleviate aggression and famine. The project, however, has been corrupted by politics and power struggles. An organization know as the Convocation was created by a Millennium project defector to correct this corrupted effort. With unlimited funds and resources, the Convocation infiltrates the heart of the project. The Millennium project launched and the world is seeded. The world changes… but not exactly as planned by either group. Peace reigned… at least for a while. Then the mutations began to surface.

His book is titled “The Millennium Convocation” and is set a short time into in the future. It is not about a true reality. However, if you follow the news and current events, you might wonder. His book can be found at

ISBN-13: 9781435708952

Paul H. Peck - Author
Paul H. Peck