Author Phil Garris’s 2nd Book, “The ROLAMN: vol.2 – Birth of Covenant,” is a Compelling Work That Explains the Spiritual Revelations the Author Has Personally Experienced

Recent release, “The ROLAMN: Birth of Covenant,” by Newman Springs Publishing author Phil Garris, is an enlightening work that invites readers to share in the author’s spiritual awakening that he experienced following a head injury that left him with a severe case of post-concussional syndrome that lasted for several months.

Author Phil Garris’s 2nd Book, “The ROLAMN: vol.2 – Birth of Covenant,” is a Compelling Work That Explains the Spiritual Revelations the Author Has Personally Experienced
Ruther Glen, VA, May 24, 2023 --( Phil Garris, whose perception was drastically changed following a vehicle accident that should have taken his life, has completed his 2nd book, “The ROLAMN: Birth of Covenant”: a powerful work that opens the eyes of readers seeking to broaden their spirituality.

During the period of his post-concussional syndrome, Phil Garris experienced things he still, to this day, cannot explain—visions, voices, knowledge of occurrences and events he still cannot fully comprehend. The information he received from unknown forces was both enlightening and terrifying. His perception of reality shifted, and he was sent into a state of mental instability for approximately three years.

Afterward, when finding the ability to cope with what he had experienced, he continued to feel as if a heavy weight persisted to encumber his soul and filled him with deep ongoing depression. The knowledge he had been given of what was to come burdened his spirit deeply. In 2008, he decided to begin writing to try and explain this newfound knowledge.

Author Phil Garris begins his work, writing, “As we see the world transform into a global state, we observe powers shifting into the control of corporate moguls who shall ultimately place the obtaining of profit above the importance of the welfare of the people. It is clear and apparent to this Order that such plutocracy is unavoidable. It is understood by the wise that in the land of capitalism, the capitalist will govern; in the land of tyranny, the tyrant will dictate. In the land of socialism, the state will govern, and in the land of the wise, the wise will govern. The world has become so diverse that it shall ultimately unify within a power that is diverse and unique.

“The governing factor will be difficult to identify, and its rulers shall be invisible. The system of wealth and value shall be transformed by new principles, and the individual shall find it more and more difficult to seek ownership in anything. Although sad and poignant, we believe that there are very difficult times ahead for the future of mankind. We also believe that a world order is an inevitable stage of human evolution and will more than likely be beneficial for humanity in the far and distant future, but the transformation into such global government shall be extremely difficult for mankind, drenched with the corruption of greed and the lust for control.

“This is the primary reasoning behind the formation of our Order and the establishment of such an Order. We understand it to be necessary to form an assembly of unified freethinkers and devout believers in the reborn ancient belief of Omnithy. Along with our search for true personal enlightenment, we seek the perfection of the lost human mental ability to utilize the Aviante, which once obtained and perfected by our followers shall open doors of opportunity which shall lead us toward a more enlightened utopia for all mankind.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Phil Garris’s profound work was originally written for the benefit of the author’s own mental stability and recuperation. He decided to write as a medium instead of an author, allowing his soul and spirit to write the text without interference from his mind’s intellect.

Readers who wish to experience this powerful work can purchase “The ROLAMN: vol.2 – Birth of Covenant” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732-243-8512.

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