Judith Krull’s Newly Released "Growing Up Twice: Part 1: Lost" is an Engaging Fiction That Draws from the Rawness of True Human Experiences

“Growing Up Twice: Part 1: Lost,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Judith Krull, is an emotionally charged story of one woman’s fight to heal from a broken marriage through self-discovery and an unexpected romance.

Judith Krull’s Newly Released "Growing Up Twice: Part 1: Lost" is an Engaging Fiction That Draws from the Rawness of True Human Experiences
Potomac, MD, May 25, 2023 --(PR.com)-- “Growing Up Twice: Part 1: Lost”: a potent tale of losing everything and rebuilding anew. “Growing Up Twice: Part 1: Lost” is the creation of published author Judith Krull, who currently lives on the East Coast. She was born in New York and went to Molloy College where she earned her BS in nursing. Krull dedicated her career to supporting those in recovery from addiction and various mental health issues.

Krull shares, “Growing Up Twice, Part 1: Lost and Part Two: Love Found is one complete fictional story based on actual events. Real emotions are shared with the reader as if he or she is in the room or actually living the life of any one particular character. Your pulse will rise, and fleeting anxiety will be experienced. This family saga is filled with dread and the escape from it. God sprinkles our earthly existence with miraculous and alternative pathways.

“After a broken marriage, Catherine learns to cope better with the help of a psychiatrist, coworkers, friends, and family. Sometimes it takes others to bring your happiness out. Finally, Catherine changes her situation and her life. Her sad story ends, and a happy one begins, but happiness has a key which Catherine’s struggle shows us—one’s own faith is that key.

“Most importantly, Growing Up Twice is about finding God again along with true love. Love is the invisible but nourishing ingredient of all life which brings a rainbow of joy.

“Today, our police, child protective services, and places of worship are just a few of the many who will provide services to help individuals in dysfunctional families. Resources for healthier living are available because this old story still exists worldwide in many different forms. Catherine’s life was and is not uncommon. Names, places, and events may vary, but similar stories still continue. Any family member, neighbor, or Good Samaritan can pick up a phone and call to help themselves or another.

“Look for Part 2: Love Found.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Judith Krull’s new book will resonate with many who have found themselves at a crossroads and finding unexpected comfort on an unfamiliar path.

Consumers can purchase “Growing Up Twice: Part 1: Lost” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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