Author Mary Livingston’s New Book "Do All Clouds Look Like Dogs?" is a Riveting Story of Two Brothers Who Find a New Outdoor Activity They Can Enjoy Together

Recent release “Do All Clouds Look Like Dogs?” from Page Publishing author Mary Livingston, is an adorable story that follows Landon and his younger brother Reid, who find themselves staring at the clouds one day while playing catch. Together, they try to discern what the clouds all look like, and soon begin staring at the clouds while spending time together.

Author Mary Livingston’s New Book "Do All Clouds Look Like Dogs?" is a Riveting Story of Two Brothers Who Find a New Outdoor Activity They Can Enjoy Together
Whitewater, MO, May 25, 2023 --( Mary Livingston, a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and educator, has completed her new book, “Do All Clouds Look Like Dogs?”: a charming tale of two brothers, Landon and Reid, who realize that clouds can often look like all sorts of different things, and begin spending their free time staring up into the sky together to see what shapes they could discover next.

Originally from the Midwestern countryside, author Mary Livingston grew up on a small farm and was one of eight children. While growing up, Mary’s mother often read to her while her older siblings were at school, and she spent a lot of time outdoors where she always enjoyed finding shapes in clouds. In high school, Mary was a member of the newspaper and yearbook staff and had a job at a local newspaper before graduating. Following high school, Mary pursued a degree in education, and obtained a bachelor’s degree and completed a master’s degree. The author has taught in two local districts and later became an administrator, and she continues to teach reading part-time.

Livingston writes, “During an afternoon of practicing baseball, two brothers discover that clouds can be many shapes and sizes. They also learned that doing things together could be the best part of learning about clouds!”

Published by Page Publishing, Mary Livingston’s engaging tale will invite readers of all ages to follow along as young Landon and Reid witness all the wonderful shapes and images one can find while staring at the clouds. With colorful artwork to help bring Livingston’s story to life, “Do All Clouds Look Like Dogs?” will encourage young readers to watch the clouds themselves and discover the joy that can be found while spending time outdoors enjoying nature.

Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase “Do All Clouds Look Like Dogs?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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