Tabitha Osborne’s Newly Released "Growing Your Faith by Being Faithful" is an Empowering Devotional That Will Offer Spiritual Sustenance All Year

“Growing Your Faith by Being Faithful,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Tabitha Osborne, is an empowering resource for spiritual growth that motivates readers to become more active in their pursuit of God.

Tabitha Osborne’s Newly Released "Growing Your Faith by Being Faithful" is an Empowering Devotional That Will Offer Spiritual Sustenance All Year
Franklinton, NC, May 25, 2023 --( “Growing Your Faith by Being Faithful”: a thought-provoking opportunity for daily reflection and prayer. “Growing Your Faith by Being Faithful” is the creation of published author Tabitha Osborne, who grew up in North Carolina where she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior in the small brick church behind her childhood home. Later, she married and became the mother of two grown sons and now a beautiful daughter-in-law.

Osborne shares, “Have you pulled up anchor and deliberately sailed away from God, or maybe you’re just slowly drifting? Until one day, God’s voice calls to you like the lighthouse will beckon to the nearby ships, alerting them to danger. God comes for us shining His light into the dark and dismal place that has us trapped. I made many mistakes in my life while being away from God, from the small barely noticeable ones, which seemed easy to fix, to the earth-shattering, knee-bending ones that I couldn’t crawl out of without help. Today, I know that a strong relationship with God takes time and effort.

“Faith isn’t stagnant. Faith involves active participation. Like a seed develops its roots beneath the soil, our faith grows deeper as we take our time getting to know God intimately through His Word. The more we understand and see His faithfulness throughout the Bible, the more we will love Him. Then our faith strengthens and becomes rooted in Him. In being faithful to my relationship with God, I found myself anchored in place by deep roots, and every gardener knows deep, strong roots are hard to uproot.

“These devotions were written to share my I-finally-get-it moments when God would teach me through my work, my relationships, and my daily activities. It didn’t matter whether I was gardening, traveling, or cooking. God used these moments to open my eyes to certain truths He wanted me to know. On a roller coaster, where only death was expected, faith was finally understood. While chasing a storm with my mother, I understood a reason for trials. As I wrote, I prayed for the readers, and I longed that they, too, would draw and stay closer to Him, and I hope that you will be one of them.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Tabitha Osborne’s new book will spark a resurgence of faith as a collection of impactful spiritual lessons and prayers are presented.

Consumers can purchase “Growing Your Faith by Being Faithful” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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