David Rhea’s Newly Released "Becoming One of A Thousand Men for God" is an Examination of Key Biblical Figures Tasked by God

“Becoming One of A Thousand Men for God,” from Christian Faith Publishing author David Rhea, is a thoughtful exploration of key experiences and assignments that God has bestowed upon men and women across the ages.

David Rhea’s Newly Released "Becoming One of A Thousand Men for God" is an Examination of Key Biblical Figures Tasked by God
Independence, OR, May 25, 2023 --(PR.com)-- “Becoming One of A Thousand Men for God”: a potent discussion that raises important questions for consideration in the pursuit of understanding God’s plan. “Becoming One of A Thousand Men for God” is the creation of published author David Rhea, who graduated from Modesto High School. Rhea then went on to college, graduating from Cal Poly State, San Luis Obispo, majoring in animal science and horse husbandry, and earning a secondary teaching credential. He taught high school for seven years before shifting to the law enforcement field, retiring in 2014.

Rhea shares, “Becoming One of a Thousand Men for God looks at some of the people in the Bible that God selected for specific tasks, positions, and jobs. Even though the world is patriarchal in nature, God has always looked at each person’s heart. In this book, I will look at both men and women, and frankly many of the women showed greater courage in the moments of crisis. This book isn’t a comparison but rather a set of stories expounded upon to show that God uses any and/or all of us according to our heart that He sees regardless of our gender.

“It also looks at the struggles and the learning curves of faith during these events and times. It also looks at how the struggle changes and how even after great victory, Satan does not give up but attacks on a different front, so we always need to stay in the word, in fellowship, and closely following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

“In my books, I often ask the reader questions for them to go look at their own faith. 'Do you want to be healed?' is one of those questions taken from a miniseries 'The Chosen.' It is a question we all must ask ourselves, knowing the only place healing comes from is Jesus.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, David Rhea’s new book will challenge and encourage readers in their faith as they reflect on the impactful lives and lasting effects of being chosen by God.

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