Author Ric Cooper’s New Book, “Never Miss An 8 Ball Shot Again,” Makes Playing Eight Ball at a Bar Fun and Romantic for Men and Women Again

Recent release “Never Miss An 8 Ball Shot Again,” from Page Publishing author Ric Cooper, encourages readers to use their minds to visualize new ideas like the spot view, stick caddies, jet packs, dots, mirrors, and 3D virtual pockets.

Author Ric Cooper’s New Book, “Never Miss An 8 Ball Shot Again,” Makes Playing Eight Ball at a Bar Fun and Romantic for Men and Women Again
Louisville, KY, June 01, 2023 --( Ric Cooper has completed his new book, “Never Miss An 8 Ball Shot Again”: a useful guide for those seeking to improve their pool skills.

At about age twelve, author Ric Cooper got a job in a pool hall as a rack boy. The owner was his first mentor. He taught him how to practice shooting. He got paid in free table time plus tips.

In 1966, he was drafted. His favorite army job was dayroom orderly. Ric would sweep up and then play pool all day. Ric’s second mentor was Philly Mike. He liked to teach pool and was a great shot. He explained bank shots and how to use English. His favorite shot was a three-rail bank shot from any direction on the table. He has discovered many new and different ways to shoot pool.

Ric writes, “Have you ever scratched when shooting at the eight ball? I will tell you my procedure to never lose this way again. Would you like to shoot pool better? I will give you my tips on the science of contact aiming. You will also learn extra tools to use on bank shots.”

He continues, “Most pool books do not explain how to play on a barroom coin table. I present new ideas specific to playing eight ball at a bar, new rules about alcohol exemptions, and how to have more fun. I also want to attract more people of all genders.”

Published by Page Publishing, Ric Cooper’s work is a helpful resource for readers who want to sharpen their pool skills for an easier, more enjoyable experience.

Readers who wish to experience this informative work can purchase “Never Miss An 8 Ball Shot Again” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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