Author Judy Bibbins’s New Book "Return to Ullshoi Hill" Follows the Travels of a Tomte and a Farm Boy Who Set Off to Discover the True Meaning of Friendship and Home

Recent release “Return to Ullshoi Hill,” from Page Publishing author Judy Bibbins, follows the adventures of a young farm boy named Hagan and the mythical creature who tends his family's farm, a tomte named Jeran. After they're both forced to leave the farm that they've both called home for years, the two decide to journey together and experience the magic and wonders of the world.

Author Judy Bibbins’s New Book "Return to Ullshoi Hill" Follows the Travels of a Tomte and a Farm Boy Who Set Off to Discover the True Meaning of Friendship and Home
Concord, NH, June 01, 2023 --( Judy Bibbins, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, has completed her new book, “Return to Ullshoi Hill”: a charming fantasy tale that follows a young farm boy and his family’s mythical tomte as they are forced to set off on a journey that will lead them far from home and into the face of incredible danger and thrilling adventure.

Originally from a small town in New Hampshire, author Judy Bibbins grew up learning about her Scandinavian heritage from her grandfather. She believes in the magic of friendship, fairies, and meeting people where they are with an open heart. Bibbins fell in love with writing in college and always believed she would publish her stories, but it took becoming a grandmother to give her the courage to take that leap. “Return to Ullshoi Hill” is the author’s second published work and her first children’s story.

Bibbins writes, “Jeran was late. It was his job to grind the oats into flour for tomorrow morning’s bread, and he was running late. It takes time to get the proper texture, and starting late would put him behind schedule. In truth, it was his schedule. He chose this specific job as his way to serve the farm, but he took his responsibility seriously. He frantically grabbed his red cap off the hook and ran from his home in the old oak tree, not checking to see if anyone was around. That was a mistake. If he had been paying attention, he would have seen the glow of the light in the barn and known someone was still awake.

“And so begins the tale of a little tomte and the adventure it sets into motion when Jeran accidentally meets the farm boy, Hagan. They form an unlikely friendship that sees them through some harrowing experiences, encounters with fairies, and learning the meaning of home. Come along into the world of Norse and Celtic mythology as Jeran and Hagan discover that love and friendship are where you find it.”

Published by Page Publishing, Judy Bibbins’s enthralling tale is a heartfelt coming-of-age story that expertly weaves together creatures of legend as Jeran and Hagan grow and learn from each other through every exhilarating adventure. Poignant and character-driven, “Return to Ullshoi Hill” is a beautiful story of friendship that is sure to remain with readers of all ages long after its stunning conclusion.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Return to Ullshoi Hill” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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