Esteban Vazquez’s New Book, "A Halloween Tale: Part 2," is a Mystifying and Compelling Collection of Stories That Showcase the Author’s Expansive Imagination

Recent release “A Halloween Tale: Part 2,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Esteban Vazquez, is an intriguing and mysterious book of short stories that all focus on imaginary worlds where strange things are happening.

Esteban Vazquez’s New Book, "A Halloween Tale: Part 2," is a Mystifying and Compelling Collection of Stories That Showcase the Author’s Expansive Imagination
Los Angeles, CA, June 01, 2023 --( Esteban Vazquez, a musician and board game creator, has completed his new book, “A Halloween Tale: Part 2”: a gripping and fascinating compilation of short stories that are full of enigmas and mysteries.

The first story opens, “The Fergusons were a powerful family with a legacy of scientific geniuses and doctors that transcended generations. They won many awards and contributed to the development of humanity with their discoveries and their contribution to society, but they were humble people who dragged by. The hierarchy of the society in which they lived fell victim to hatred and public opinion. The public questioned the incongruity between their noble actions and their moral principles, how a human being of that category was part of a social cabinet that oppressed and crushed the lower classes.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Esteban Vazquez’s exceptional stories grip readers from the very beginning. The stories bring readers into a multitude of imaginary worlds where an array of different things are happening. Each story has unique and rare characters that ground readers in the fictional world and show off Vazquez’s impeccable imagination.

Although these stories all take place in imaginary worlds, they feel real and solid thanks to Vazquez’s background in psychology, social science, and humanities. The stories all bring readers into a thrilling world and guides them through an exciting and amusing adventure. His straightforward writing style is perfect for any reader looking to escape into an engaging fantasy world, even if just for a few moments.

Readers who wish to experience this captivating work can purchase “A Halloween Tale: Part 2” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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