Author Judy Kessler’s New Book, "Hayden and the Rock Wall Lizard," Follows a Young Boy Whose Family Don't Believe Him When He Tells Them of a Unique Lizard He Spotted

Recent release “Hayden and the Rock Wall Lizard,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Judy Kessler, is a charming tale that centers around a young boy with a penchant for telling tall tales. When he tells his family he saw a special lizard that was orange and black, they refuse to believe him without proof, so it’s up to Hayden to prove to them the lizard he saw is actually real.

Author Judy Kessler’s New Book, "Hayden and the Rock Wall Lizard," Follows a Young Boy Whose Family Don't Believe Him When He Tells Them of a Unique Lizard He Spotted
Tucson, AZ, June 01, 2023 --( Judy Kessler, a loving wife and grandmother, has completed her new book, “Hayden and the Rock Wall Lizard”: a captivating read that tells the tale of Hayden, a young boy with a wild imagination who enjoys telling wild stories to his family. Because of this, when he sees a bright colorful lizard outside his family’s home, no one is willing to trust him and believe he saw what he claims he did.

Author Judy Kessler has worked as a communications engineer for thirty-five years for MITRE Corporation and is currently retired. She and her husband have always loved the desert area of Arizona, where they now have eight acres. Judy began her dream of writing children’s books using her grandchildren as the subjects for these desert learning experiences.

Kessler shares, “Hayden sees a huge orange-and-black lizard while examining rocks in his grandmother's rock wall surrounding the backyard. Because he tells such tall tales, his family doesn't believe him. After all, an orange-and-black lizard seems unbelievable. After days of seeing many other lizards, his family finally sees the huge lizard for themselves, and Hayden is vindicated.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Judy Kessler’s engaging tale is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of young readers as they follow along on Hayden’s journey to find the orange and black lizard once more to prove its existence. With beautiful photographs to help bring Kessler’s tale to life, readers of all ages are sure to fall in love with “Hayden and the Rock Wall Lizard” and want to revisit this thrilling story over and over again.

Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase “Hayden and the Rock Wall Lizard” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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