Angela R. Newland’s New Non-Fiction Book “The River House” is the Story of a Retired Couple’s Dream Home Turned Into Their Biggest Nightmare as the Result of a Hurricane

Recent release “The River House,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Angela R. Newland, is the story of the devastating impacts of 2017's Hurricane Irma on a peaceful older home in south Florida. The book chronicles a couple’s extensive efforts to work with their insurance company to get their home reconstructed, reveals a shocking conclusion to those efforts, and includes lessons learned for anyone living in a hurricane-prone area.

Angela R. Newland’s New Non-Fiction Book “The River House” is the Story of a Retired Couple’s Dream Home Turned Into Their Biggest Nightmare as the Result of a Hurricane
Lenoir City, TN, June 02, 2023 --( Angela R. Newland, a retired civil engineer making her writing debut, has completed her new book, “The River House”: a gripping and poignant tale exposing the downsides to buying a fixer-upper in an unstable Floridian climate.

Upon purchasing the house, “Our excitement with the property grew each time we saw new exotic wildlife,” writes author Angela R. Newland. “Dolphins would regularly swim in the river near our seawall; a pod of manatees occasionally meandered in the water; an eagle would soar overhead, searching for its fish dinner. We even gave the eleven-foot-long alligator that made frequent appearances in the canal on the east side of our backyard the name Muffy. What great fortune to be actually living in a house where you can watch such wonderful creatures while having coffee on the outside deck!"

After Hurricane Irma made a devastating visit, “we found that one third of our roof (the flat roof part above our dining room and kitchen) had blown off and was lying in our driveway and front lawn; dozens of shingles were lying in the yard; and the gutter on the back of the house was ripped off and dangling from the top of the house. On the inside of the house there was standing rainwater (from the portion of the missing roof) all over the kitchen floors, countertops, appliances, dining room, sliding glass door areas in the living room and master bedroom, downstairs hallway and hallway closets, laundry room downstairs, and other isolated spots all over the house. Rain water penetrated into virtually every first and second story wall on the south side of the house. The electrical short in the kitchen that caused the oven to come on also caused the whole house intercom/radio to come on spontaneously. I covered my face with my hands and cried.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Angela R. Newland’s enthralling tale begins as optimistic couple Victoria and Kevin purchase their dream home on the Caloosahatchee River in Southwest Florida. Though the house is over forty years old and in constant need of repairs, the ideal location and picturesque landscape keep the couple happily restoring their new home. One year later, everything changed as Hurricane Irma devastated the area, Victoria and Kevin’s home included. What started out as a fixer-upper fantasy quickly turns into an advanced course in dealing with mother nature’s fallout. The damage itself was just the beginning. The couple now must fight with bureaucratic hurdles and dysfunctional insurance companies while still reeling from a disastrous hurricane. Ending on a dramatic cliffhanger, “The River House” reveals the challenges of living in beautiful yet hurricane-prone Florida. Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase “The River House” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732- 243-8512.

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