Philly Indie Record Label Kixx Records Introduces the New Lineup of the Group Penny Cupcake

Penny Cupcake, the new R&B and pop singing group introduced by Kixx Records, adds a new member, Noelle Smith, to the lineup.

Philadelphia, PA, June 02, 2023 --( The female stars of the award-winning T.V. show “The Kingfish” (produced by The Lab No 33), comprise the members of the singing group Penny Cupcake. In the next series episode, the three actors, Jordan Webber, Ayana Ferguson, and Noelle Smith, form a singing group as a ploy. It turns out that the three actors can also sing. And when the actors/singers performed the song “Don’t Forget” during a rehearsal, it sounded surprisingly good. So, the show’s producers connected with Philly indie label Kixx Records about producing the song as a record, the Kixx team, after hearing the trio, didn’t hesitate to oblige them.

Before the initial recording session, one of the original actors left the show. Fortunately, Noelle Smith, a multi-talented actor, singer, and songwriter who had a small role in the film, stepped into the role in the show and as a member of Penny Cupcake. Her vocal style and personality fit right in.

The song can be listened to on their website, and their promo video can be seen on The Kingfish Show’s YouTube channel.
The Performance Lab No 33 - Kixx Records
Carol Suber