Innovative New Orleans Tech Company Launched June 1 with Announcement of Groundbreaking Integrated Technology System to Simplify Towboat and Barge Operations Nationwide

Software technology company Harbor Lynx got underway June 1 at the Inland Marine Expo (IMX) in Nashville, TN, where river industry veterans, led by CEO Robert LeBlanc, announced the launch of the new company and its innovative inland river operating system. The system integrates operations for towboat and barge operators, streamlining complexities and making river navigation both safer and simpler across the U.S.

New Orleans, LA, June 02, 2023 --( Harbor Lynx, a groundbreaking new software technology company that launched June 1, is spearheading the next evolution of the brown water maritime industry. Headquartered in the heart of this vital sector, New Orleans, Louisiana, Harbor Lynx promises to "Keep Towboatin' Simple" with its innovative integrated inland river operating system.

The system is designed to streamline the complexities of towboat and barge operations, making the challenging task of river navigation both safer and simpler for operators across the United States. The official launch of Harbor Lynx took place at the annual Inland Marine Expo (IMX) in Nashville, Tenn., June 1-2.

Harbor Lynx is the brainchild of industry veteran Robert LeBlanc, CEO. LeBlanc and co-founders Nicolas Soniat, Chief Technology Officer, and Tony Geeck, Director of Engineering, bring a wealth of experience, technical expertise and a shared vision to spearhead evolution of the towboat and barge sector toward enhanced efficiency, safety and simplicity.

Nick Soniat, the creator of the innovative software system, has designed an easy-to-use technology infrastructure that integrates all operational aspects of an inland waterways fleet. This not only reduces complexity but also improves safety, boosts profitability and helps to protect the environment.

Tony Geeck, Director of Engineering, will work closely with customers to expedite installations, ensuring that this transformative technology is integrated seamlessly into their operations landside and onboard. Geeck created one of the first computer-based barge dispatch systems on the inland waterways and is a pioneer in wireless networking for the inland maritime industry. His hands-on approach will provide a critical link between Harbor Lynx, customer landside operators and the crews navigating America's inland waterways.

CEO Robert LeBlanc likens Harbor Lynx's integrated technology to a refrigerator. "Our goal is to be like your refrigerator on the river: plug us in, forget about us, and know we’re keeping you on the move... simply cool," he says.

The simplicity and reliability of a refrigerator aptly encapsulate the transformative effect Harbor Lynx aims to have on the towboat and barge sector. The Harbor Lynx system integrates dispatching, boat and barge tracking, billing, contract management, compliance, maintenance, task automation, fleet optimization, tax calculations, cybersecurity and more.

With its focus on simplicity, efficiency and safety, Harbor Lynx is poised to catalyze an evolutionary leap in inland river operations. The launch at IMX marked a significant milestone in the founder's mission to simplify operations on America's inland waterways.

About Harbor Lynx, LLC
Based in New Orleans, Harbor Lynx is a software technology company dedicated to simplifying towboat and barge operations on America's inland waterways. With its integrated inland river operating system, Harbor Lynx aims to “Keep Towboatin’ Simple” by reducing complexity, increasing safety, slashing operational costs and improving the river environment. More information at

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