Arena Flowers Achieves Butterfly Mark Certification for a Second Time

Dedicated to growing the best products possible with the least impact on the planet – Arena Flowers has been recertified with the Butterfly Mark Certification for a second time.

Droitwich, United Kingdom, June 03, 2023 --( Acknowledging its position as an industry-leading brand and the opportunity to set the bar for industry peers – Arena Flowers continues to drive sustainable business transformation and has been awarded the Butterfly Mark certification for a second time.

In order to achieve the Butterfly Mark, companies must achieve a minimum of 50% in each area of assessment: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). Arena Flowers achieved 62% in Environment, 66% in Social and 70% in Governance, and excelling in the following areas:

Waste Management & Circularity: Launched in 2021, the first pillar in Arena Flowers ‘Green House’ initiative, waste management forms an integral part of its process. Green waste is transported to a paper mill, recycled and used to create organic, recycled and recyclable paper which is then used to send bouquets- highlighting Arena’s desire to create a closed-loop flower waste system.

Ethics & Fair Operating Practices: Through its comprehensive code of conduct and bribery policy Arena demonstrates its ethical business practices and have been named ‘The UK’s most ethical florist’ by the Ethical Company Index for the last fifteen years. Operating an ethical business model, Arena Flowers does not have a singular goal but continues to be the best possible option for customers who care about sustainability in the flower industry.

People Management: With a mantra “Fairer for our people, Fairer for all people," Arena Flowers places people at the heart of the business, from Real Living Wage for all staff to supporting their growers. Arena Flowers sources Fairtrade roses ensuring the full Fairtrade premium is paid, rewarding workers properly ensuring no one is exploited or undervalued in the production of flowers.

Reporting: Arena proudly share their mission and the difference a consumer makes when purchasing a hand-tied bouquet as part of its "Our Ethics" and goes further by producing a detailed "Sustainability Report" containing energy conservation approaches, how it is eliminating pesticides in the supply chain as well as its less water and less impact approaches.

Positive Luxury’s four-part methodology is uniquely tailored for the luxury industry, and the only certification that focuses on innovation and future sustainability risks. The Butterfly Mark is an independent certification that verifies for consumers and other stakeholders that a luxury business is operating in line with the highest standards of sustainability across the entire value chain.

“We are delighted to recertify Arena Flowers with the Butterfly Mark. As the UK' s most ethical florist. Arena Flowers continues to innovate and lead the sustainability transformation in its sector. The 'Green House' initiative, for example, reuses all waste from the flowers to produce their packaging. The company put people and their wellbeing, both physical and mental, at the heart of the business and lives its mission to grow the best flowers with the least impact on our planet.” - Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder of Positive Luxury

“Arena has placed ethicality and sustainability at the heart of the business for a decade and successful ESG+ certification is testament to our commitment to deliver the highest quality with utmost care. Equally valuable is the community of founders, owners and brands who share this commitment to improving the world we live in through vision and innovation. Ultimately, achieving ESG+ certification provides our customers with confidence in our commitment to the issues they care about most. The Butterfly Mark provides a transparent view of our strengths and capacity to improve, and I am very proud to display it.” - John Hackett, CEO of Arena Flowers

Other interior luxury brands that have been awarded the Butterfly Mark include The Rug Company, Bamford, Sarafumi, The Universal Soul Company and more. By continuing as part of the Positive Luxury brand community, Arena Flowers commits to exceeding standards set for social and environmental frameworks.  

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