Real-Time Protection for PC Files

Very few data files are destroyed by lightning, fire, or other catastrophes. Most critical files are lost because the user accidentally overwrites or erases them while working on them. Live File Backup makes copies of the working files every few minutes, ensuring that one can always go back to the version requested, before it was carelessly erased.

Cham, Switzerland, June 07, 2008 --( Infonautics GmbH has released Live File Backup v. 2.8, a powerful Windows utility that takes continual snapshots of the data files that the user is working on, and creates backups at regular intervals. Unlike a daily or weekly backup program that saves one copy of the data files each time the backup program is run, Live File Backup can make copies of the important files every few minutes, and store as many copies as the user wishes to keep.

Any backup program can save files that are closed. Unlike the vast majority of backup applications, Live File Backup can consistently and reliably save files that are open. The software understands how to safely grab a copy of the Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint file that is currently beeing updated, and save it to disk every few minutes. In fact, Live File Backup can back up all open Windows files, and ensure that the backups needed are available when a file gets scrambled or lost. If required, the program restores any of the older versions of the lost or corrupted files, quickly and easily.

Novice users can tell Live File Backup to run each time Windows is started, and to back up all files that change. Power users can fine-tune the program's settings, including or excluding files and folders, and storing the generations of backups on selected network drives. It's easy to specify how many days, or how many generations, of data to save. The software maintains a complete log of all of the files that it backs up.

Live File Backup supports all of the storage media on one's PC or LAN, including hard drives, external drives, network drives (and universal naming convention (UNC) paths), USB memory sticks, network attached storage (NAS), and Internet and Intranet FTP server drives. The data can be compressed and encrypted, to save space and keep files secure. The interface is available in both English and German.

Whether business owners who need to make continual backups to the external hard drive attached to their PC, network administrators who want to ensure that all of their users' files are being updated constantly on the LAN's Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, sales persons who want the added security of having their working files being continually backed up onto a USB memory stick when they're working on their computer in the hotel room or in their clients' offices, Live File Backup has the tools that are needed.

Live File Backup v. 2.8 runs under Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, costs $49(US) for a single-user license. A business license, covering up to ten computers at a single company, costs $196. Corporate site licenses are available for $441. You can download a free trial version of Live File Backup from the product's website.

Infonautics GmbH
Anita Wirz