Sandra A. Holmes’s Book "Two Licks and the Magic Couch" Follows a Young Boy Who Wants to Prove to His Parents He Should be Permitted to Go to Bed Later, Like His Siblings

Recent release “Two Licks and the Magic Couch,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Sandra A. Holmes, is a captivating story that follows a young boy named Two Licks, who is annoyed he must go to bed every night much earlier than other family members. Tired of going to bed when the sun is still up, Two Licks and his best friend, Murphy, hatch a plan that involves the family's couch.

Sandra A. Holmes’s Book "Two Licks and the Magic Couch" Follows a Young Boy Who Wants to Prove to His Parents He Should be Permitted to Go to Bed Later, Like His Siblings
Dillsburg, PA, June 08, 2023 --( Sandra A. Holmes, a retired earth and space science educator, scientist, and university professor, has completed her new book, “Two Licks and the Magic Couch”: a charming tale of a young boy who dislikes how early he must go to bed every night and attempts to come up with a plan to stay up past his bedtime.

Author Sandra A. Holmes, PhD, has taught in public schools, grades pre-K to ninth grade. She has also taught at Eastern Washington University, University of Idaho, University of South Dakota, and Messiah University in Pennsylvania. Among her many incredible professional achievements, Holmes has worked on several NASA projects, and served as a reviewer for the National Science Education Standards and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Science for All Americans standards, and Science NetLinks. She is a life member of the Idaho Academy of Sciences. The author is certified in numerous environmental programs as a trainer and presenter and has served on several committees with the National Science Teacher Association. An avid fisherwoman and outdoors woman, Holmes and her husband have been blessed with four daughters, ten grandchildren, and many grandchildren “born in her heart.”

“Two Licks is a five-year-old boy who doesn’t like his bedtime,” shares Holmes. “Being the youngest of five children isn’t always easy. Two Licks and his best friend, Murphy, have talked about this many times. Two Licks decides to talk with each sibling and find out why they have a later bedtime than he does. Two Licks and Murphy come up with a plan to stay up late. Where does the plan take Two Licks and Murphy? How does the couch become magical? Why does Dad want to call the police?”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Sandra A. Holmes’s riveting tale is a delightful story sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of readers of all ages as they follow along on Two Licks’s adventure to prove himself worthy of going to bed later, like his older siblings. With colorful and vibrant artwork to help bring Holmes’ tale to life, “Two Licks and the Magic Couch” is the perfect story for parents and guardians alike to connect with young readers and experience the excitement of Two Licks and Murphy’s journey together.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Two Licks and the Magic Couch” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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