Finally, Healthcare Practice Managers Get Relief

Naples, FL, June 05, 2023 --( More than ever before, healthcare practice managers are faced with obstacles that would have most of us cowering under our desks. This is especially true for small to mid-sized practices, where managers are expected to do it all.

One of the most daunting tasks these practice managers face is to ensure their practice (and all staff) are compliant. Compliant with what? Everything from human resources to the No Surprises Act is the answer.

The consequences of non-compliance are severe ranging from hefty financial penalties to jail time (in severe cases). So, how are healthcare practice managers supposed to stay ahead of the copious amounts of ever-changing regulations and laws? One company has made it their mission to help.

Healthcare Training Leader’s sole mission is to make the life of healthcare practice managers easier. They do this by keeping up with necessary regulation and law changes, and then working with industry leaders to provide help to their customers.

“We are kind of like a marriage broker,” President and Founder, Samantha Saldukas says. “We identify exactly what practice managers need to know, and then enlist a leading industry expert to provide online training on the topic.” Sure, there are other companies that provide online training to medical practices, but Healthcare Training Leader is different.

“Before an expert can present a training to our customers, they must first have the ability to break down complex topics, and provide step-by-step training on how to comply,” add Saldukas. “This sounds easy, but it really isn’t. Most experts know how to tell people what needs to happen, but not necessarily how to make it happen. This is where our trainings stand out.”

To help practice managers further simplify their life, Healthcare Training Leader has also just launched a new backend platform that allows users to better manage their training. These new features are especially useful to Annual Training Subscribers, who will now be able to set up staff with their unique login, track the training progress and results of all staff, and document the training should they ever need it to pass an audit.

For more information on their Annual Subscription product, and a listing of the newly added admin features, please visit:
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