Wilibox announces OpenWRT Support for WILIGEAR Products

Wilibox announces OpenWRT operation system support for the WILIGEAR product line. First board that is available for testing is a multi-purpose, single mini-PCI CPU board WBD-111. Later Wilibox plans to add support for all other boards.

Kaunas, Lithuania, June 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- WILIGEAR announces OpenWRT support for the WBD-111 and WBD-324S* CPU Boards. WILI-S firmware can now be changed to OpenWRT Kamikaze development branch release. All users will now be able to download binary files directly from the WILIGEAR website. The firmware modification process is very straightforward, requiring a simple upload of the firmware file through the upgrade section of the GUI (graphical user interface), which is also called SKIN on all the WILI-S or WILI-MESH operating platform based devices. Packages included in the published binary file are listed on the OpenWRT section of the WILIGEAR homepage. First CPU board available with an OpenWRT firmware image is a multi-putpose, single mini-PCI product called WBD-111, which is powered with a 300 MHz high-speed Storlink processor. Wilibox is also planning to add OpenWRT support for all other CPU boards that are available for purchase from the WILIGEAR e-store shortly. Customers who purchase more than 100 pieces of the WBD-111 or WBD-324S CPU boards will have the opportunity to receive them with the OpenWRT firmware image preloaded. Additionally, in the future WILIGEAR will provide the option to build customized OpenWRT firmware images on the WILIGEAR Firmware Factory, where users will be able to choose their platform and additional packages to combine into the firmware image. For more information, please visit WILIGEAR website and stay tuned for more exciting updates from WILIGEAR.

*Support for the WBD-324S will be available in the near future.

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