Author Allyn Richert’s New Book, "God: The Dimensional Revelation," is a Profound Exploration of the Commonality Between the Physical and Spiritual Realms

Recent release “God: The Dimensional Revelation,” from Page Publishing author Allyn Richert, is a thought-provoking and enlightening read that attempts to use scientific evidence to prove that the reality experienced by the author and readers alike is a combination of the physical and spiritual universes.

Author Allyn Richert’s New Book, "God: The Dimensional Revelation," is a Profound Exploration of the Commonality Between the Physical and Spiritual Realms
Fairfax, VA, June 12, 2023 --( Allyn Richert, a loving husband and father, a purveyor of fine furniture, a philosopher, and a theologian, has completed his new book, “God: The Dimensional Revelation”: a gripping and eye-opening work designed to help readers discover truths about the universe and reality as it relates to the study of metaphysics, and witness how the physical and spiritual blend together.

“‘GOD—The Dimensional Revelation’ is a book revealing reality,” writes Richert. “Broadly stated, reality is defined as ‘all that exists.’ The study of reality is called ‘metaphysics.’ Metaphysics is the primary field of philosophy. Metaphysics is divided into two major fields of study. These are cosmology and ontology. ‘GOD—The Dimensional Revelation’ reveals cosmological facts about our big bang. Our research reconciles relativity theory and quantum mechanics. Ontologically, This Teaching Reveals a clear theology about GOD and Your Relationship with GOD.

“Learn how to use the scientific method to prove that the Reality You and I Experience is a partial Fusion of our physical universe with our separate Spiritual Universe. This Teaching proves this in the context of 10 Dimensions of Reality, some of which are original to this book. These 10 Dimensions are clearly explained and verified. Dimensional Reasoning is offered as a tool anyone can use to answer all the great questions of Existence. The Source of Being is clearly identified, as well as the Destination of Individual Being. Reading and Participating in the Knowledge Shared in this book will increase your Confidence, Personal Power, and help You Grow Spiritually.”

Published by Page Publishing, Allyn Richert’s enthralling work is sure to open the minds of readers as they follow along on Richert’s educational journey to find what spiritual truths there are to be discovered. Expertly crafted and poignant, “God: The Dimensional Revelation” is sure to keep readers spellbound and remain with them long after its conclusion, leaving them open to seeking more information about the world and the universe at large.

Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase “God: The Dimensional Revelation” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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