Tomorrow Fund Raises $1.04B to Acquire Cash Flowing Oil and Gas Companies

Tomorrow Fund, an ESG-focused, oil and gas private equity firm, has announced that it has raised $1.04 billion so far for its inaugural fund, making a significant stride towards its $5.25 billion target. The firm is known for its unique strategy of acquiring underperforming oil and gas assets, then adding value through various methods such as remediation of inefficiencies and process improvement. The firm will continue its fundraising activities, and is excited to enact positive change.

Dallas, TX, June 09, 2023 --( Tomorrow Fund, a pioneering ESG-focused private equity firm in the oil and gas sector, is pleased to announce it has secured $1.04 billion from a diverse range of investors for its inaugural fund.

This capital raise is part of Tomorrow Fund's ambitious endeavor to amass $5.25 billion in total funding. The firm seeks to lead the sector into a sustainable future, focusing on the acquisition and improvement of underperforming oil and gas assets.

"Our approach involves identifying, acquiring, and rejuvenating assets that have untapped potential,” explains Tomorrow Fund CEO Jerry Jackson. “Our strategy not only drives economic value, but also contributes positively to environmental, social, and governance metrics. We are thrilled by the enthusiasm and support we have received from our investors during this initial funding round."

Tomorrow Fund employs a comprehensive strategy that aims at adding value by remediating inefficiencies, applying advanced secondary extraction methods, and ensuring effective continued development of the assets. The firm strongly believes in the necessity of the oil and gas sector, but seeks to bring about its transformation through smart investments and responsible stewardship.

The capital raise thus far is a testament to Tomorrow Fund's unique approach, which balances strong financial performance with a commitment to ESG principles. The success of the funding round thus far signifies a vote of confidence from the investor community and the industry at large.

With this momentum, Tomorrow Fund will continue its fundraising efforts in pursuit of the $5.25 billion goal. The funds will be deployed to acquire additional assets, as well as to further invest in technologies and methods that drive improvements in efficiency and sustainability.

Tomorrow Fund Chief Investment Officer Hunter Watts says, "We see a vast opportunity in redefining the oil and gas industry, and we are excited to enact this positive change with the support of our investors. Our ultimate goal is to shape the future of the sector, responsibly and sustainably."

The press release was issued at Tomorrow Fund’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For further information, please contact Tomorrow Fund’s media relations team.

About Tomorrow Fund:
Tomorrow Fund is an innovative, ESG-focused private equity firm operating within the oil and gas industry. The firm's unique strategy involves acquiring underperforming assets at a discount, adding value through remediation of inefficiencies and extended well-life, and creating investor value through process improvements, secondary extraction methods, and effective development. For more information about Tomorrow Fund, please visit
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