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The live training is free for all to attend live.

East Stroudsburg, PA, June 09, 2023 --( Joanne Musa, founder of and author of the Amazon bestselling book, Tax Lien Investing Secrets: How You Can Get 8-36% Return on Your Money Without the Typical Risk of Real Estate Investing or the Uncertainty of the Stock Market is hosting a free 4-Day Challenge, June 12-15, 2023.

Many investors are looking for alternative investments that give higher returns than bank CDs. They also want to put their money somewhere that is safer than the stock market. Tax Lien Investing may be just the alternative investment they need.

One of the challenges that new tax lien investors face, however, is finding the best places to invest and getting the tax sale information. That is that is just one of the things that will be covered in this free 4 Day Challenge.

“The problem is that there is no one size fits all solution to the where the good places are to invest in tax liens, or tax deeds. The best place to invest depends on a multiple of factors:

· Where you live
· What your investment goals are
· How much money you have to invest
· And how much time you have to put into investing.

Therefore, the best place for me to invest might not be the best place for you to invest,” states Joanne Musa, founder of®.

Day 1 of the challenge is all about strategies that work best in today’s market, and how to find the best place to invest. Day 2 of the challenge is on how to get the tax sale information, and what to do with that information.

Included in the 5-day Challenge are resources such as Tax Lien Lady’s State Guide, a 5-point checklist for investing in tax liens, and links to 16 tax sale websites. And that’s just in the first 3 days of the training. Day 3 of the challenge will cover researching tax sale properties. And day 4 will address how to protect profit and maximize return on investment.

The challenge includes 5 days of live training for 1 hour each day at 12pm Eastern time from Monday June 12 through Thursday, June 15. Also included are resource materials to help investors get started, like Tax Lien Lady’s® State Guide, which gives a summary of what type of tax sales are conducted in each state.

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