Author D. R. Richards’s New Book, “Never Look Back,” is the Second Book of the Minnow Squad Trilogy, Following the Group Returning to Vietnam for Answers About Their Past

Recent release “Never Look Back,” from Page Publishing author D. R. Richards, follows the Minnow Squad as they attempt to find answers about their past and circumstances that had physically and mentally changed them forever, they go full circle, returning to Vietnam.

Author D. R. Richards’s New Book, “Never Look Back,” is the Second Book of the Minnow Squad Trilogy, Following the Group Returning to Vietnam for Answers About Their Past
New York, NY, June 16, 2023 --( D. R. Richards, who was raised in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, has completed her new book, “Never Look Back”: an exciting novel that invites readers to come along with the Minnow Squad while part of the team pursues those answers back in the jungle and the others take on the mission of helping a friend free her father from international kidnappers. As their efforts take them from the U.S. to Europe, the number of comrades grows along with the specialized assets needed by these older fighters for the underdogs.

Back in Vietnam, the squad is faced with securing their acceptance within the criminal empire known as “The Dragon.” Each in their way, they become integral members of this sinister family. Attacks against the family from outside and within are dealt with, and they uncover the involvement of many players from several countries.

Author D. R. Richards spent most of his early life exploring many different options for employment: from short-order cook to home construction, from lifeguard to first responder for a local volunteer ambulance corporation, from interstate tractor-trailer driver to his enlistment in the US Army military police.

In his youth, his interests were unique for his age. He soloed for his private pilot’s license at exactly the time he turned sixteen, making him the youngest solo pilot in the United States for a short time. He took scuba diving and was an assistant instructor, along with being a member of his county’s underwater recovery team.

This thirst for whatever caught his interest is what helped him collect the experiences he now holds dearly and the desire to share some truth and fiction through his stories of the Minnow Squad. His need to make a difference and to help others is what formed the framework for the trilogy “Minnow Squad.”

Richards writes, “The one female member was a little guarded and not so fast to warm up to the rest of us. Women in combat were exceptionally rare and required approval from everyone up to the Joint Chiefs. She had no doubt made an impression on Mom. Each member was selected for their own special expertise and special personal values. If she was placed on our team, we all agreed she was meant to be there. Mom never made a mistake; just ask him. He found something in all his men, and women, that set them aside from all the others.”

Published by Page Publishing, D. R. Richards’s action-packed tale builds to an unforeseen conclusion, which only opens the door for the conclusion of the trilogy.

Readers who wish to experience this unforgettable work can purchase “Never Look Back” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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