Patricia Tidmore’s Newly Released "Voices, Bumps, Thumps, and Jumps" is a Realistic Message of Hope for Anyone Processing a Rebirth in Faith

“Voices, Bumps, Thumps, and Jumps,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Patricia Tidmore, is a deeply personal look into the author’s personal and spiritual experiences after breaking free of a sinful life and finding new purpose in Christ.

Patricia Tidmore’s Newly Released "Voices, Bumps, Thumps, and Jumps" is a Realistic Message of Hope for Anyone Processing a Rebirth in Faith
Willowbrook, IL, June 19, 2023 --( “Voices, Bumps, Thumps, and Jumps”: a thoughtful message of appreciation for all God has provided. “Voices, Bumps, Thumps, and Jumps” is the creation of published author Patricia Tidmore, senior pastor and prophetess of a new Five Fold Supernatural Ministry. God has called her to bring PE*CU*LI*AR*I*TY MINISTRY with revival to worldwide prayer, healing, and deliverance.

Tidmore shares, “There are many questions in life that seem to go unanswered. Are you hurting after you have gotten saved? Are you wondering why your life has not changed? Are you watching the world zoom by without you? Perhaps you see others live a glorious life; they are not saved, but you are saved and serve Christ with all you got, but nothing never seems to bless you. You ask why your world feels like it is ending instead of beginning? Have pastors or other leaders told you that your life was going to turn around after you got saved, but you are not seeing instant results? Maybe someone prophesied that you were going to come out of financial difficulties, but you are deeper in or that your marriage was going to get better and it ended up in divorce. All the promises you have heard became empty and futile. Are you waiting for a husband or wife from God for years and still nothing? Are you having trouble with your family or children? All the questions that you ask and seek why your life has not changed. Patricia Tidmore does not have all the answers, but the Holy Spirit has revealed many of the answers.

“Although every family or individual is different, God has a unique purpose for everyone. He is, right now, constructing you and molding you into a special person to be a blessing for many others. If you are willing, He can change your world into a phenomenal world. Question after question will be answered to its fullest if you are willing to stay in the fight. The devil would have you believe that God has left you and that He is a liar, but it is the devil who is the liar. God is truth, and He has an interesting way of teaching you. Patricia prays that you will hear the voice of God clearly so that you can be lead into your sole purpose in freedom. To lead you in your unique purpose. To bless you with liberty. If your life as a Christian has been chaotic, it is time for it to stop. May you be delivered and healed from voices that are not from God, from disease and sickness, from evil and wickedness, from poverty, stress, sexual perversion, and many more demonic oppression. God wants to set you free and that time is now!”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Patricia Tidmore’s new book will challenge readers in their understanding of the process of salvation.

Tidmore shares in hope of aiding others in their pursuit of a life of fulfilling connection with their faith as she provides readers with an intimate look into her own challenges and blessings.

Consumers can purchase “Voices, Bumps, Thumps, and Jumps” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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