Charleston’s First Distillery Launches Bourbon Barrel Beer with Local Brewery

Striped Pig Distillery and Ghost Monkey Brewery announce release of special edition Striped Pig Bourbon Barrel Beer in celebration of National Bourbon Day.

Charleston, SC, June 15, 2023 --( The award-winning, woman-owned Striped Pig Distillery (SPD), Charleston’s first distillery since prohibition, and Ghost Monkey Brewery are excited to announce on National Bourbon Day the release of their special edition Bourbon Barrel Beer. The stout is expertly crafted by Ghost Monkey Master Brewer Khoi Nguyen and aged for over a year in bourbon barrels from Striped Pig’s fan favorite bourbon, making for a drinking experience unlike any other. There will be 111 bottles released of the locally crafted stout at an exclusive release party, making this limited release one of a kind. Barrel-aged beers take on the unique properties and flavor characteristics of the barrels in which they are aged, creating a unique flavor profile specific to that barrel and batch, so no two are quite the same. Those who attend the limited release party at Ghost Monkey Brewery will receive a glass bottle of BBB and will have the opportunity to hand dip their bottles in wax to invoke the bourbon experience. A future release will be at least a year in the waiting and will naturally be different, so be sure to follow Striped Pig Distillery and Ghost Monkey Brewery for more information on the upcoming official release event, which will be announced imminently. Sign up for Striped Pig’s newsletter to be kept in the loop:

The masterminds behind last year’s release of New BeGINnings, a Belgian wheat style beer imbued with the distinct botanical blends of Striped Pig’s best selling gin, are looking forward to releasing BBB, a Bourbon Barrel Beer that has been in the works, patiently aging, for over a year.

“All good things come to those who wait, and that’s especially true for bourbon and barrel aged products,” said Striped Pig CEO Pixie Paula Dezzutti. “We’ve been patiently waiting for this already delicious stout to age to perfection, allowing it to take on the distinct characteristics of our bourbon barrels. Knowing how awesome our bourbon is, and how awesome Ghost Monkey’s stout is, we’re really excited for the end product and can’t wait to unveil and experience it with everyone at the release party.”

Ghost Monkey Brewery is a microbrewery located in Mount Pleasant, SC that prides itself on offering a consistent rotation of locally brewed beer. Made locally in Mount Pleasant with an attached taproom, their dream of developing new beers and sharing them with friends over great food and live music has come to life.

The award-winning Striped Pig Distillery is a woman-owned, family-run, community-driven business, celebrating its 10th birthday this year, marking its tenure as Charleston’s oldest distillery. Striped Pig helped revive the distillery scene in Charleston when it opened its doors in North Charleston in 2013, becoming the holy city’s first distillery since Prohibition. Its origin story is one of ‘great curiosity’ and a nod to some tongue-in-cheek US history, brought to life by their beloved Striped Pig mascot Jackson, who used to make appearances at the Distillery and even downtown. Since those early days, the Pig has continued its support of the community, expanded its lineup, received numerous accolades and awards, and has kept driving the distillery scene in Charleston and the wider industry forward with firsts, like its Bottled in Bond Bourbon release and launching the first bourbon on the blockchain.

Striped Pig Distillery is located at 2225-A Old School Drive, Charleston, SC 29405

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