Four Components of Better Meetings

Why do we keep having meetings that are ineffective and nonproductive when the solution is so simple? Shirley Fine Lee presents four components of better meetings in her book “R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard’s Approach.” This book provides examples and forms for skill development. It is now available on

Lewisville, TX, June 07, 2008 --( Why do we keep having meetings that are ineffective and nonproductive when the solution is so simple? Where do we find the solution to bad meetings? A different kind of meeting management book - “R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard’s Approach” is available on It suggests any meeting can be made better by adding one or more of the components of the acronym R.A!R.A! The author, Shirley Fine Lee, feels each component does something to provide better results before, during, and after the meeting. The more components utilized changes meetings from bad to good and frequent use of all components should move good meetings to great. So what does R.A!R.A! stand for? The four components of R.A!R.A! are Roles, Agenda, Records, and Actions.

According to the meeting wizard, assigned roles are very important to successful meetings. The roles should be assigned prior to the meeting so people know which ones they have. If roles were not assigned, then they should be assigned at the beginning of the meeting before going over the agenda. The agenda should also be created before the meeting so everyone knows what is expected to occur during the meeting. If necessary, the agenda may be quickly created or revised and then agreed upon at the start of the meeting.

The wizard says records and action assignment are not only for meeting follow-up. Having them visible during meetings can increase effectiveness and productivity during the meeting as well. Records should contain any idea generation, major discussion, and decision making that occurs. Actions should be recorded as they come up and assigned to someone with a due date before the meeting closes.

Although the four components are the foundation of the process diagramed in the book “R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard’s Approach”, it is not the entire book. The book includes information and forms on preparing for, tracking, and evaluating meetings. It also includes an imaginative section on typical meeting disruptions and how to handle them, which Mrs. Lee refers to as “beastly problems”. To find out more, check out the book on

Shirley Fine Lee