When Soulages Meets Anna Eva Bergman the Birth of a New Contemporary Art Prodigy: Dallanges

When Soulages and Anna Eva Bergman's artistic realms converge. An emerging artist has just released a new collection of contemporary artwork influenced by these masters. Each piece bridged the intensity of Soulages with Bergman's tranquility. Dallanges's work resonates with their echoes while expressing a unique and fresh voice, inviting audiences to engage and listen to the masters.

London, United Kingdom, June 17, 2023 --(PR.com)-- In the realm of contemporary art, the mystery of Soulages's Outrenoir and the ethereal harmony of Anna-Eva Bergman's landscapes have long captivated audiences.

Today, a new artist emerges, drawing inspiration from this intriguing fusion - introducing Dallanges, an artist who skillfully intertwines the influences of these masters into his own unique contemporary art tapestries. Each piece by Dallanges serves as an exploration, a dialogue between the intensity of Soulages and the tranquility of Bergman.

His work resonates with the echoes of these masters, yet each stroke, each shape, sings a song that is uniquely Dallanges. This new artistic alchemy, born from the fusion of intensity and tranquility, offers a fresh experience in the contemporary art landscape.

Dallanges invites audiences to engage with his work, to hear the echoes of the masters, and to discover the unique voice that he brings to the world of art.

"Transitioning from an optics engineer to an artist, I infuse an engineering perspective into the inspiration drawn from my two muses, Soulages and Anna-Eva Bergman, giving birth to this new style of inspiring minimalist contemporary art." - Dallanges

About Dallanges: Emerging Artist Inspiring limitless Possibilities - Contemporary Art.

Optics engineer-turned-artist, Dallanges, pioneered a unique art form, evoking limitless possibilities and emotions through image manipulation techniques and a distinct palette of infinite blues, golds, and blacks. Fascinated by contemporary artists Soulages and Anna Eva Bergman, he pioneers an art form inspiring limitless possibilities, earning him the nickname "Soulages of Blue.

Contact Information:
+44 (0)20 3289 7474
Instagram : @dallanges
Visit www.dallanges.com to see currently available artworks.
Dan Dallanges
+44 (0)20 3289 7474
Instagram: @dallanges