Exhibition Opening: Unquestionable Abstraction

Artspace Warehouse presents Unquestionable Abstraction, a group exhibition of a dynamic array of artworks that delves into the emotional, psychological, and sensory experiences of abstraction.

Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Unquestionable Abstraction
July 29 – August 25, 2023
Opening: Saturday, July 29, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Through a nuanced engagement with form, color, and texture, the artists invite the viewer to participate in a multisensory exploration of feeling, embodying a range of affective states from serenity to discomfort. The diverse approaches to abstraction challenge preconceived notions of representation and invite the viewer to engage with the materiality of the artworks to access deeper levels of meaning.

Pushing against social convention, abstract artist LE BohemianMuse creates multifaceted artworks that reflect a story of defiance with a subtle vulnerability through the exposed layers and visible stages of creation. BohemianMuse is a first-generation Ghanaian-American artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. As a self-proclaimed colorist, BohemianMuse works against creative stagnation by placing a focus on textural elements which act as a source of detail, energy, and complexity in place of obvious colors.

German artist Bernhard Zimmer produces layered, subtly textured paintings that contain diametrically opposed elements—order and chaos, abstraction and representation, boldness, and subtlety—in exquisite tension. Working with oil and mixed media on canvas, he paints in color-fields of soft shapes and delicate lines. Full of strength and fragility, Zimmer’s works reward patient viewing, revealing their rich visual nuances to those who take time to delve into their layers of visual emotion.

Abstract minimalist artist Jason DeMeo creates artworks that work to serve as a meditation for the viewer, drawing them toward the timeless concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness. Through his work, he seeks to express universal themes by bringing his eclectic personal experiences, philosophies, and emotions to the forefront. He has a deep belief in the power of art to bring transformation to both spaces and people.

Gail Titus works spontaneously and intuitively without regard to realistic forms, but with a focus on textures, colors, and interesting shapes. She creates artworks by intuitively applying paint to canvas using brushes, scrapers, water bottles, and other objects. As this process continues, certain areas of the painting will start to feel undeveloped. This is when she will methodically rework those areas until the artwork gradually feels resolved.

Heny Steinberg arranges her paintings through a grid or lattice system which is then deconstructed and re-imagined. The shapes within Steinberg’s work transcend their two-dimensional representation and have meaning beyond appearance. Her process begins with concrete images and references, yet over time gives way to her process of decontextualization.

Sarah Johnson infuses passion, heart, and a lifetime of creative experience into each painting. Her radial series exhibits both uninhibited freedom and methodical technique. Through colors, textures, and movement, Johnson’s acrylic paintings on canvas radiate joy with pleasing repetition and form. Each series has a meaningful message, adding both truth and beauty to your walls. Johnson is based in Dallas, Texas and is also a recording musician.

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