Action Party Launches New Website

The Action Party of Morton Grove is very pleased to announce the launch of an entirely new website with dates, information and important links to many sites that will interest the citizens of Morton Grove, Illinois.

Morton Grove, IL, June 07, 2008 --( The Action Party was formed with one goal in mind: “To support and maintain effective, honest, open, scandal-free and non-partisan municipal government in the Village of Morton Grove.”

The organization continues on to this day with its original mission and actively seeks out positive opportunities that the future holds for all of the village’s residents.

It is a truly a local, grassroots, roll-up-your sleeves mix of concerned citizens that places the interests of the village, its residents and business community first. Seeking to provide proven leaders of good character and an independent spirit; they strive to foster the kind of municipal government that all residents can all be proud of when telling anyone that Morton Grove is home.

The Action Party volunteers, candidates and elected officials are all dedicated to this goal of providing the village with the most professional governance and essential services available, yet remaining both fiscally responsible and independent of national & state political pressures. Members of the Action Party may not always end up telling everyone what they want to hear, but will always tell everyone the truth and what must be heard about their local government.

The Action Party remains proud to be truly non-partisan, working for Morton Grove’s citizens. The primary objective continues; keeping the Village of Morton Grove an efficient, honest, open and well run municipality that will keep the best interests of the citizens at heart. Come visit today or write to: 6749 Dempster Street, #121 Morton Grove, IL 60053 for more information about the Village of Morton Grove and The Action Party.

Action Party of Morton Grove
Terri Cousar
6749 Dempster Street, #121
Morton Grove, IL 60053