PMC Addresses Opioid Shortages and Advocates for Patient Well-Being

The Delaware Valley is experiencing shortages of chronic pain management tools like opioids and other medications. PMC is uniquely equipped to address these dangers by helping patients avoid missed doses so they can maintain their health, avoid hospitalization, and loss of independence. The effect of shortages is particularly dangerous for patients with chronic conditions, like persistent pain, as replacement therapies are pursued.

Horsham, PA, June 24, 2023 --( PMC Pharmacy, a leading independent medication management pharmacy in the Delaware Valley, acknowledges the current challenges surrounding opioid shortages and emphasizes its commitment to patient care. With a two-decade-long partnership with Pain Management Specialists in the region, PMC helps patients avoid gaps in therapy and adverse drug events that can lead to hospitalization and loss of independence. In these trying times, PMC remains steadfast in its dedication to supporting patients and advocating for their best interests.

The shortage of opioids has become an unfortunate reality affecting healthcare providers in the Delaware Valley. As a result, patients who rely on opioid therapy for pain management are facing difficulties accessing the medications prescribed by licensed practitioners. PMC understands the significant impact this has on patients' lives and firmly believes that uninterrupted access to appropriate pain management is vital to addressing the opioid crisis.
PMC has always recognized the importance of collaboration with pain management specialists to mitigate the risks associated with gaps in therapy and to prevent diversion leading to illicit use. By working closely with these specialists, PMC has been able to develop comprehensive strategies to minimize disruption in patient care during challenging times, such as the current opioid shortages.

"We stand by our patients, and our commitment to their health and safety remains unwavering," said Brian Dunleavy, CEO of PMC. "We know how to address the challenges experienced by patients who require opioids for pain management and are dedicated to avoiding gaps in therapy that lead to hospitalization and loss of independence."

PMC understands the urgency of the opioid shortage issue and is dedicated to working diligently with all stakeholders to find sustainable solutions. As the Delaware Valley’s only Pain Management Pharmacy, PMC remains on the side of patients and is determined to navigate these challenges while keeping patient well-being at the forefront.

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PMC is the region’s only pharmacy specializing in serving patients with chronic conditions. With strict requirements that ensure proper management of medication therapies, PMC is committed to keeping patients on schedule, at home, and independent. PMC continuously strives to enhance patient outcomes and improve the overall quality of life for individuals dealing with chronic pain and other chronic conditions.
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