Addressing the Impact of Heat on Medications During Transportation: PMC Pharmacy Advocates for Private Hand Delivery to Safeguard Patient Safety

A key issue arising from this summer's record breaking heat waves is the effect on mail order medication that sits in hot mailboxes or porches. There is a solution and it's important for our most vulnerable residents, often dealing with chronic conditions, to follow the directions on their medication that they should be stored at 59 to 77 degrees °F in a cool, dry place. The solution is a local independent pharmacy. - July 22, 2023

PMC Addresses Opioid Shortages and Advocates for Patient Well-Being

The Delaware Valley is experiencing shortages of chronic pain management tools like opioids and other medications. PMC is uniquely equipped to address these dangers by helping patients avoid missed doses so they can maintain their health, avoid hospitalization, and loss of independence. The effect of shortages is particularly dangerous for patients with chronic conditions, like persistent pain, as replacement therapies are pursued. - June 24, 2023

Delaware Valley Independent Pharmacy PMC is Commended for Their Role in Combatting the Opioid Crisis

Delaware Valley Independent Pharmacy PMC has seen nearly 20 years of the Opioid Epidemic. They are helping legitimate chronic pain patients to navigate the course of guidelines and stigma to have reliable access to medication that's being regulated under the Opioid Epidemic. Many of PMC’s... - September 21, 2022

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