Author Pamela Groom’s New Book, "Happy Howlidays," is a Delightful Holiday Tale About a Group of Shelter Animals Who Are Part of Santa’s Elite Team

Recent release “Happy Howlidays,” from Page Publishing author Pamela Groom, follows Jinglebella her brother, Beau, and all of the animals from the Portage Animal Protective League’s shelter who have been placed in wonderful forever homes, as they reconnect through the computer and learn how very alike all of their forever families who have very different cultures and beliefs really are.

Author Pamela Groom’s New Book, "Happy Howlidays," is a Delightful Holiday Tale About a Group of Shelter Animals Who Are Part of Santa’s Elite Team
Stow, OH, June 30, 2023 --( Pamela Groom, the proud mother of two sons, has completed her new book, “Happy Howlidays”: a charming Christmas story about a group of shelter animals whose roles are more important than they realize.

Thanks to Santa’s helpers, Jinglebella, and her brother, Beau, all of the animals from the Portage Animal Protective League’s shelter have been placed in wonderful forever homes. The animals have been so happy and have made their forever families very happy as well. Missing their friends from the shelter, though, the animals learn how to use a magical device called a computer to connect. While chatting with one another, they learn that they have been placed in homes that, at first, seem to have very different cultures and beliefs. After listening to one another, they, instead, learn how very alike their forever families are to one another. Is this all in Santa’s plan? Did Jinglebella and Beau know about this all along? The animals from the shelter know they are part of Santa’s elite team and that they are responsible for bringing joy to their new families.

Author Pamela Groom works as a middle-school teacher and enjoys learning something new from her students every year. In her free time, Pamela spends time on a farm that rescues abused and neglected farm animals. Her other interests include attending plays and musicals (even performing in one), hiking in the woods, and enjoying live music events. When the weather forces her inside, she spends time baking, playing the piano, and writing stories, poems, and musical lyrics. She especially loves to write little picture books for her grandchildren that include photographs taken throughout the year.

Pamela Groom writes, “Looking out the window and seeing the swirling white chaos of snowflakes makes me remember that wonderful day a year ago when my friends and I were all snuggled into our beds at the Portage Animal Protective League’s shelter, happy for one another’s company on that quiet Christmas Eve. The silence was disturbed in the most exciting way that night when Jinglebella and her trusty sidekick brother, Beau, enveloped the shelter with the happiest of news and our hearts just about burst with delight. On that night, Jinglebella and Beau helped Santa with the big job of placing all of us animals from the shelter into forever homes all over America on Christmas Eve and into Christmas morning. Up until last year, we were fairly certain that Jinglebella and Beau were just fabled superheroes. How wonderfully mistaken we were! Santa and his helpers made all of the animals of the shelter part of his elite team—a team of merrymakers, a team of jolliers, a team bonded in and by love. We made a promise to Santa’s helpers, Jinglebella and Beau, that night to give as much love as possible to the humans of our forever homes and to prove to them that animals in a shelter are very worthy of love. In fact, we believed that we might be capable of generating enough love to heal the world!”

Published by Page Publishing, Pamela Groom’s happy tale follows the animals as they find out whether they are responsible for teaching humans how to get along and live in peace and harmony.

Readers who wish to experience this heartwarming work can purchase “Happy Howlidays” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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