Roberta Wirth-Feeney’s New Book, "Looking for Martin Eden: The Diaries of a Romantic Girl," is a Series of Select Entries from the Author's More Than Fifty Journals

Roberta Wirth-Feeney’s New Book, "Looking for Martin Eden: The Diaries of a Romantic Girl," is a Series of Select Entries from the Author's More Than Fifty Journals
Centerville, MN, June 30, 2023 --( Fulton Books author Roberta Wirth-Feeney has completed her most recent book, “Looking for Martin Eden: The Diaries of a Romantic Girl”: a collection of journal entries written by the author beginning at the age of ten that reflect upon how her life’s experiences influenced her present and continues to shape her future.

Roberta Wirth-Feeney has worked as a biologist for over thirty years at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, protecting the environment mainly in the areas of composting, rule writing, and storm water and petroleum remediation. Prior to that, she taught high school and junior high biology. In her spare time, Robert enjoys drawing, painting, cartooning, cycling, playing her violin, and traveling. She has been a Como Zoo docent, a reading buddy, and a member of the Jack London Society.

Her baby boomer generation was the first generation where women on a large scale did the near-impossible juggling act of raising children while working outside the home. She travels in space-time to tell the story of her struggle to obtain a college education and a career while raising three children as a single mother. It is a story of liberation, spiritual epiphany, and how her hero, Jack London, shaped her life. Jack London, and his semi biography, Martin Eden, influenced not only her quest for adventure but also who she fell in love with.

“I recently read through the fifty-some journals I’ve kept more or less regularly throughout my life. Reading the writings of when I was ten, sixteen, or twenty was a way I could move in space-time, moving back to a different section of the block-universe, the four-dimensional universe, to shine a light on experiences and thoughts I had long ago. I was the observer of my life’s events, having a life review while still alive. I was often pulling off the scabs of healed wounds, feeling guilt and remorse for behavior long ago,” writes Wirth-Feeney.

“All I had to do to access the events of my life, which exist simultaneously yet don’t allow revision, is to open the large cardboard box next to my nightstand and pick up a chronologically stacked black-speckled composition notebook with the year written on the cover.

“The following selected entries are descriptive of my childhood, teen years, and young adulthood, with paradigm shifts away from caring about my parents’ relationship to living independently and self-sufficiently, albeit unconventionally. I wanted adventure, romance, and a career. I never wanted to be married or continue to live in the town where I graduated from high school, within two miles of my parents.”

Published by Fulton Books, Roberta Wirth-Feeney’s book is a fascinating experience that weaves an intimate self-portrait of the author as she takes readers back in time through each journal entry. Poignant and deeply personal, “Looking for Martin Eden” is a thrilling memoir that readers won’t want to miss.

Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase “Looking for Martin Eden: The Diaries of a Romantic Girl” at select bookstores, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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