Author Ernest McCarty Jr’s New Book, “Confluence at Travis House and Additional Five Plays,” Transports Readers to an Experimental Prison in NYC in the Winter of 1942

Recent release “Confluence at Travis House and Additional Five Plays,” from Page Publishing author Ernest McCarty Jr, takes readers back in time to 1942 in New York City in Travis House, an experimental prison, where convicted women serve out the remainder of their sentences.

Author Ernest McCarty Jr’s New Book, “Confluence at Travis House and Additional Five Plays,” Transports Readers to an Experimental Prison in NYC in the Winter of 1942
Pittsburgh, PA, June 30, 2023 --( Ernest McCarty Jr has completed his new book, “Confluence at Travis House and Additional Five Plays”: a fascinating work that introduces Agnieska Hajek, a new resident in an experimental prison who becomes caught up in the secretive goings on at Travis House. Her main concern is the reunification with her son whom she gave birth to in Sivart Women’s Penitentiary and was taken from her at three months old.

Author Ernest McCarty Jr is a native of Chicago who has authored and co-authored more than twenty-five produced plays and musicals and has been associated with ETA in Chicago and Quaigh Theater in New York City before becoming artistic director of New Horizon Theater in 1994. His first production, “I Dreamt I Dwelt In Bloomingdales,” was presented at the Provincetown Playhouse in New York City in 1970. Other theatrical works produced in New York City include “Dinah! Queen of the Blues” (presented at the Westside Arts Theatre starring Sasha Dalton) and “When the Spirit Moves” (starring Tony Award-winner Trazana Beverly, “The Exchange and The Separate Vacation”). Among his plays and musicals produced in Chicago are “Madame Hortense,” the tone poem “A Cosmic Night, Recollection Rag, Love Spirit!” and “Brazilian Rendezvous.”

McCarty writes, “She sat motionless on her bed while anxiety grew. Was she prepared to face the outside world? A world she hasn’t been a part of since she was nineteen. She went over and looked through the small window of her cell at the falling snow. And soon, she would be out there. Being imprisoned at Sivart for so long, she had grown used to being supervised. She had been told what to eat and where to eat, when to sleep and where. She knew what to do, who she could talk to, and who to avoid. There was a certain order about things, and the daily routine regulated her existence. Now she was about to face a different existence, a new reality. Anything would be better than being here at Sivart. She finally was able to take a deep breath. She could hear the heavy boots of the guards getting louder and louder until the sound stopped just outside her cell.”

Published by Page Publishing, Ernest McCarty Jr’s memorable work follows Agnieska as she tries to reunite with her son while serving the remainder of her sentence at Travis House.

Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase “Confluence at Travis House and Additional Five Plays” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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