Author Larondis Crawford’s New Book, "Biloxi Native Chronicles: Closet of Skeletons," is a Suspenseful and Gripping Tale of Crime, Passion, and Its Consequences

Recent release “Biloxi Native Chronicles: Closet of Skeletons,” from Page Publishing author Larondis Crawford, weaves a spellbinding narrative of the criminal escapades of Alonzo Godson and the lives of his loved ones. As law enforcement begins to close in on him, dangerous criminal enemies rear their heads, causing Godson to fight for not only his life, but those he holds close to him.

Author Larondis Crawford’s New Book, "Biloxi Native Chronicles: Closet of Skeletons," is a Suspenseful and Gripping Tale of Crime, Passion, and Its Consequences
Hampton, VA, June 30, 2023 --( Larondis Crawford, a teacher, standup comedian, and motivational speaker, has completed his new book, “Biloxi Native Chronicles: Closet of Skeletons”: a powerful thrill ride of uncertainty that follows a criminal attempting to cover up his past crimes and avoid capture.

Crawford begins his engrossing tale, “Initially, the Biloxi Sun Herald ran the article as a small indentation in the local’s section. Only a few knew of the notoriety of the case. Others read it off as another offshore drug bust at the port of Biloxi and Gulfport. Until what happened the night before the case, it would have never made headline news along the entire Gulf Coast.

“Charles Faccenetti was the lead prosecuting attorney on the case. Twelve years in office and he had yet to lose a single case. This track record landed him a seat as the top prosecuting attorney for the entire Harrison County District of Mississippi. The silent remnants of the case were directed solely by Faccenetti. He knew that headline news meant trouble for his case and his witnesses. Also, he had known Alonzo Godson Sr. for years. Alonzo Godson’s heavy hitting team of attorneys sacked many of Faccenetti’s most reputable prosecutors. Even when Godson’s associates were guilty, they exited the courts as the victor, and Faccenetti’s office left with the heads hung low.

“After having his office ridiculed in the past, the lead prosecutor vowed to take on Alonzo and his attorneys personally and the media with a hushed finger of silence.”

Published by Page Publishing, Larondis Crawford’s fascinating tale will find Alonzo on a vendetta against all those that have tried to prosecute him, while navigating the dangerous crime underworld. As Alonzo’s story unfolds and surprising truths are revealed, will he manage to save his skin, or will the hammer of justice finally catch up to him?

Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase “Biloxi Native Chronicles: Closet of Skeletons” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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