Luv Entertainment Group is Set to Produce a New Feature Documentary on Chicago Steppin' Entitled "Steppin' Forward"

'Steppin' Forward'...'A Retrospective Film about one of Urban America's Oldest and Truest Premier Dance Forms' ..... audiences nationwide will take a euphoric visual and physical urban journey as they are guided by the down beat of rhythmic bass line's and melodies while viewing a historically based urban dance form originating in Chicago but spreading feverishly Nationwide with class and distinction.

Oakland, CA, June 17, 2008 --( Luv Entertainment Group is set to film a new feature documentary on Chicago Steppin'. While respecting the past in identifying the present and future, Teno Headd, the writer, producer, and director of "Steppin' Forward" the Documentary Film takes a retrospective look into the History and Beginning of Chicago Steppin'. While at the same time blending the present with the past , Teno Headd, the writer, producer,and director of "Steppin' Forward" the Documentary Film, shows the relevance and importance of not only Chicago Steppin' to Urban America but America as a whole, and the Nation abroad. "Steppin' Forward" the Documentary Film also displays that Chicago Steppin' is much more than just a style or form of dance but a Sub-culture of the African -American experience; it's values and social systems are actually a way of life for many. Once learned it becomes, for many, a positive way of Steppin' Forward socially, living in today's America. A Must see for any Chicago stepper or want to be Chicago Stepper.

Luv Entertainment Group
Teno Headd